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  1. This might be a daft question but in all the other Fm's i used to change the squad screen to overview (classic way/iphone game) where the whole 1st team squad on the one screen so that it wasn't just a big list. I can't find it on the demo, have they taken away or am i just being a tube?
  2. Great update! Only mistake ive came across is Jimmy Calderwood is Killie's assit manager when really he there ex manager having left in the summer. As i said though great update!!
  3. You must be unlucky! carrol, lovenkrands & ameobi are scoring for fun for me!
  4. My 1st one was cm2 96/97 (fave player tulio) And i am 21!!
  5. i noticed that too
  6. Its the 1st post, (page 1)
  7. Its looking good so far!!
  8. Thanks mate, thats me all loaded up a new game!!