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  1. 🇺🇦 ffs... cmon Shevchenko and Rebrov
  2. Yeah I'll take one if still available? Have sent the £10!
  3. In if there’s space @Gizzy just checked and saw I’m way too late so I’ll just keep an eye on how this goes! Enjoy!
  4. You mean you’re not actually called Mr SouthCoastRed?!
  5. Just thrown a donation in in memory of Mrs @SouthCoastRed Hospices do a fantastic job for so many people involved. Also totally agree with @Weezer this place is fantastic, it's one of my must visit pieces, it's changed a lot over the years but it's still a really solid community here, especially when people need some support!
  6. He's been great for me, mainly as a DC but absolutely brilliant
  7. Has anyone played FM on the new version of the 12" Macbook? Any idea if it runs well on it?
  8. How many people are looking at getting new laptops/PCs for the next version? I'm trying to see if I can negotiate an FM fans discount code at work currently.
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