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  1. He's been great for me, mainly as a DC but absolutely brilliant
  2. Believe me @forameuss my mum always hated the fact I didn't actually mind the England team. I also live in hope they declare a public holiday if it does actually "come home". Which would be a win for me.
  3. I actually really enjoy watching this England team, they're more likeable as a group than many before and Southgate comes across well which helps. Despite popular belief, not ever Scot hates England. Personally as long as they play good football then all good (Maybe I'm more open to it living here since I was 6) what I do love though is in the past the massive overreaction from the fairweather fans to it all
  4. Cheers @Readingfanman I didn't have to wait long...
  5. Video doesn't seem to load for me, not sure if it's my work network though.
  6. Assuming we're not drawing until everyone is paid up? Which I agree with as we don't want people bailing if they don't get who they want. Can we put a deadline in on it?
  7. Hope you're OK mate. I read it as wrote the car off initially... Hope nothing too serious.
  8. Kane will try and claim the tattoo as his own
  9. Awaiting the dodgy editing job where RFM gets himself Germany.....
  10. Has anyone played FM on the new version of the 12" Macbook? Any idea if it runs well on it?
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