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  1. Haha you knew I was referring to Barzagli. Montolivo somehow proving me wrong though, still think he'll disappear for large periods next season though. They were a lot better tonight than they were against England, really liking Bonucci and that tackle on Klose in the second half, ooh! Good against Spain as well.
  2. ^That Juventus defence looking internationally capable after all eh.
  3. Was thinking about the City-QPR game for the last 20 minutes, was horrible even though Germany didn't look threatening. Özil's penalty made it worse
  4. Heh, I assumed that shot hit a defender with the way it missed the goal. Nearly as bad as his free kicks.
  5. I only think England played a better tournament, playing to their ability I agree Holland are better. One of the top 5 teams in Europe I'd say.
  6. I'd say Holland are more talented because of their attackers but were poorly set up, England at least had a team defending together. They're hard to place, reached a WC final then were quite bad in the group stages at Euros. I think the semi finalists represent the quality of this tournament, and England are probably well placed alongside the likes of France in that tier 3 by evilyoshi.
  7. He hasn't. Pirlo plays for a different team and Ambrosini was suspended for that game.
  8. I think that award was decided before the final, or something silly like that.
  9. 4-3-3 is the system this Italy side should be looking forward to at the next world cup, I said that before the tournament. We're discussing the short term options for the Germany match.
  10. I thought the passing was correct against an England side that was set up to break fast against us, gave them less opportunities for that. In the end it looked like England burned out enough to sit back and accept penalties, hard to make incisive passes through 9 men with smaller, less physical players like Diamanti on the pitch. Balotelli pretty much the only "big" player forward. Fwiw I think it helps with fitness levels too. It's easier to play with the ball than to chase it so keeping possession helped retain energy for a lot of those guys that found it difficult against sides that really pushed the midfield, like Croatia and Spain. Laziness, completely agree. Not clicking with Balotelli, I think their relationship has been erratic as both look to collect possession and aren't strong in moving off the ball in those sort of scenarios. Not being creative? I thought he was fine for the opening three games. Found space nicely against Spain and Croatia, really could have had a few assists by now. Balotelli is the striker we should be critical of really, because he's struggled with all the easy chances gifted to him as the prima punta. Edit: And looking at the edit you made, I won't change my mind for Cassano being most important forward for Italy based on the competitive international games that he's been excelling in for the last two years. Don't care about Estonia or Faroe Islands, it turns out the 3-0 loss against Russia wasn't indicative of this Italy side after all. I think if Italy became more counter attacking, we'd see the best of Maggio. Balzaretti remains fairly unknown in the 3-5-2 at international level, for now at least, still think he's good enough for it. It keeps two players up front, three in midfield. Only issue is using De Rossi out of position, which wouldn't be an issue if we had all players fit at the same time (Bonucci slotting into that role). Not even convinced with Di Natale playing the supporting role, a lot of the team has to be set up to getting the ball into him around the penalty area. Play to his strengths etc, and we already have a second striker in Giovinco sitting around.
  11. I genuinely can't tell if the op is serious.
  12. Where could have Italy been direct tonight? The few times they managed it was when Pirlo was given space to place the ball in front of Balotelli and behind the England defence. Can't even believe you're criticising Cassano starting because he's a guaranteed substitution, clearly a key player for Prandelli's era in charge. Di Natale played wide is a waste of a player who finds good areas inside the penalty area and he's a good finisher, think we're better off with 3-5-2 or the current system that uses players in their best positions. Such as Giovinco being played closer to goal. Lack of composure is the thing that will hurt the team if it keeps continuing. Almost every game has had horrible misses, which I haven't seen from the likes of Germany or Spain.
  13. I've not seen England outside an international tournament in a while so I don't know if he generally is crap. Was brushed aside quite easily a few times which isn't something I'd expect though.
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