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  1. Mine runs well, but the game gives me 3 stars despite a system that should show 5 stars. Seems the game benchmarks me on the HD4600 Integrated Graphics, yet clearly runs on the NVidia GT740QM seamlessly. Bit disconcerting when it suddenly dropped from 5 stars in beta to 3 stars in full game, but at least it's running well. Something worth everyone considering is Power Options. My laptop is lethargic as hell on battery. Does everything happily bar FM. For FM, it really does need AC power and even then a tweak of the power settings as HP recommended for example has a lot of power saving going on even on AC power.
  2. Steam Christmas Sale for FM15. Just in time for the February final patch.
  3. Pretty sure I've not seen *.pkm files en masse for years. Processing speeds on the whole have been pretty steady.
  4. Yeah, you can change player names in the FM Editor. I sometimes change names based on hating the regen ones.
  5. Looking forward to seeing SI implement this, tho it could be years before its seen in game.
  6. Liking this. Have been playing about with that Scottish Revamp 2, but whilst the League Setup was cool it's cluttered by too many other types of change built in. I noticed that Premiership has 3 from 5 subs, yet the other leages have 3 from 7. Intentional? Is there any way I can edit sub rules to 3 from 7 across all Scottish Comps?
  7. Also, I note that Dumbarton have just fielded a bunch of players of about 27 years of age against me in the Youth Cup? I like managing my Youth players in the tournament, but there seem to be some fixture rules missing.
  8. Looks really good. Have edited all subs to 3 from 7 and about to dive in with Annan.
  9. Not as many as when playable. I tend to do view only for lesser leagues in smaller nations and then add the top divisions in custom leagues loaded option.
  10. No. It exists in manager reputation already, and as I've found out to my cost this year already, is actually quite effective.
  11. You need to throw in 15ish stats for Determination, Discipline and Motivation I imagine
  12. Yup, got it fired up on W8 since the beta. Runs just fine. As Gipsy says tho - FM10 not exactly something I've bothered to run.
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