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  1. Right, I've just got to transfer deadline day. My pre-season started with a 2-1 defeat at some no-mark Chinese side and ended with a 3-0 away win at AC Milan with 10 men, which was nice. Have since played 3 league games and won all 3 while easing into the group stage of the Europa. Sold: Adebayor - 7.5m Rose - 7.5m (both to Monaco) Lennon -14.5m (to Liverpool. Couldn't resist this, he wasn't going to fit into my system.) Total In - 29.5m Bought: Shaw - 12m Ward-Prowse - 12m Leandro Damaio - 3.5m Tom Ince 3.2m (although have since loaned him out to Villa so he plays every week. Don't need him this year.) Total out - 30.7m I'm pretty happy with that, to break even and hugely reduce my wage bill. Kaboul got injured in pre-season so have been playing Verts at left-back as Shaw gets used to the team and Chiriches alongside Dawson. Been conscious of the home-grown rule, hence paid up for Shaw and Ward Prose, who will qualify in three years. Will get Carroll involved next season too. Here's my team: GK: Lloris (Gomes) RB: Walker (Naughton) CB: Dawson (Kaboul when he returns) CB: Chiriches (Vertonghen once Shaw is up and running and I trust him. Shaw's been great in the Europa games) LB: Vertonghen (Shaw) CM: Sandro (as a CM - Defend) CM: Dembele (Advanced playmaker - support) AMC: Siggy, Eriksen, Lamela (Chadli and Holtby pushing for starts) ST: Soldado (Damaio) Playing Control, Fluid and telling them to express themselves, retain possession, work ball into box, look for overlap and push up. It's working really well. Sandro holds his position really well and the interplay between the 3 AMCs has been brilliant. Soldado has five goals in 3 league games, Lamela has a couple. His dribbling from deep is sensational and Eriksen's incisive passing is great. Walker's marauding down the right has been prominent too. Paulinho got sent off in my first game so has been banned but he'll struggle to get back in the team the way Sandro and Dembele have been playing. Ward-Prowse has been very good in the Europa games playing the advanced playmaker role, while Capoue is so versatile he's the first on the subs bench.
  2. Yep, it's ridiculous that Sandro is not a natural CM. My first save I couldn't beat Southampton for love nor money. Kept trying, experimenting with different tactics and the buggers kept beating me. I've started again since then
  3. Not played my first pre-season yet, just been gutting out my staff and appointing 14 new scouts and sorting coaches. Transfer wise, Monaco came in for Rose at 8m, which I couldn't resist and then they took Ade off my hands for another 8m, which I was delighted with. All of which leaves me short at left-back obvs. I've agreed a deal for Shaw, but I think I'll loan him out to a Championship side this season. There's an Italian full-back transfer listed for 1.6m (forgotten his name) who looks pretty solid and I might use him as a stop-gap in my first season. Another option is to just use Vert there for a season. Wouldn't like to rely on Naughton, I know that much. Now wondering how much I need to spend to get Enrique. His numbers are good too. Also, couldn't resist buying everyone's favourite transfer saga Leandro Damaio, given he cost only 3.5m, which I thought was a total bargain. He's only 23 with decent stats and will only improve I think. If nothing else I'l make a good profit on him. One thing I'm very wary of is the home-grown quota, because it would be pretty easy to sell most of the English players. Might go for Ward-Prowse from Southampton too. To my mind, I have 7 players (Chadli, Eriksen, Holtby, Lamela, Townsend, Lennon and Siggy) competing for three spots, which is one too many really, but haven't decided who to get rid of. Tempted to sell Lennon while his stock is relatively high, but I think it might have to be Siggy. Could sell both and get Ward-Prowse with the funds because I'd like a young back-up for central midfield, where Sandro, Dembele, Paulinho and Capoue will rotate.
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