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  1. Mate, no need to be so abrasive with the guy. If it doesn't interest you then no worries, but no need to knock someone else for having an interest in it. Personally I'd like to know as well, I imagine it was well into 6 figures but would be interested to see if someone from SI had a more precise figure
  2. Just started a game as Croydon using the English level 10 database that can be found on these forums. My aim is to try & get them to the Prem before FM2011 comes out, possibly the Champions League as well but that would require a ridiculous amount of game time...
  3. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  4. Patch 10.3 hopes

    I am kinda surprised this hasn't been mentioned more, but the superkeeper/one-on-one situation really needs to be looked at IMO. I know that we just have to work our way around it when creating tactics but still, the situation is unrealistic & shouldn't be there in the first place. Beyond that, I really don't have that many complaints about the game currently, coaches look to change clubs a bit too regularly but hey, just means offering better contracts more regularly. Beyond that, anytime I see my strikers (Torres, Dzeko are my starters) running through one-on-one only for them to blast the ball straight at the keeper OR the keeper to dive 6 yards either side to make a stunning save from a striker 2 yards away....I just want to throw my laptop out of the window!! Right this has turned into a long post....great job on the game, but please sort this superkeeper issue SI!!
  5. Finding the same thing, this tactic worked wonders for me right up until I updated with 10.2...suddenly it seems inconsistent & my strikers cannot score for their lives! I have changed my training away from Tugs to a schedule based on the position & role each player is playing, so I will change that back & see if it makes a difference. It would be a shame if 10.2 makes this tactic come unstuck as it has worked wonders for me, Torres scored 109 goals in just 54 appearances last season, all competitive games & now...well he's like Bobby Zamora a few months ago. Like I said, I will change back my training & re-run the tactic through til Christmas (at the end of September currently) then report back.
  6. Cheers for the responses everyone, much appreciate it but for some reason it has now resolved itself...as of the beginning of the new season my tax expenditure is back down to £2m a month so I have no idea what has gone on their. Santy, thanks for the calculations but that is definitely nowhere near what my turnover was that year. I'll keep an eye out incase it recurs, and if it does then I will report it
  7. For me, it depends on what type of team I'm managing: on my Newcastle file & whenever I am in control of a team in a top division I will never buy older than 26/27, however I won't sell my players at 29 because I find that they still have a lot to give for the next 2/3 years. Plus, off the field they can be a great help to youngsters who look up to them as club legends etc. When managing in a lower league, I try to stick to this but obviously it isn't possibly all the time - if the right player comes up who is fairly old then yes I will sign them, but given a choice between them & a younger player I will choose the younger one every time so as I can build my team for the future. That is what I love about FM - moulding a team from when they are 15/16/17 all the way through their careers.
  8. Haha brilliant mate, the problem is it just shot up out of nowhere! New tax on football clubs of 130% their monthly turnover announced in the budge that year??
  9. Here's hoping that someone at SI can help me with this or has anyone else on these forums had the same issue - playing as Newcastle in 2013 and for the last 18 months or so I have been paying out £16 MILLION in tax EVERY MONTH! I have no idea why this has changed or why it's such a huge amount, I'm having to use FMRTE to keep us afloat with these ridiculous losses (for all you anti-cheaters, I'm only editing the amount on tax taken back onto my balance). Anyway, why has this suddenly started to happen & what can I do to fix the problem??
  10. On a similar note, for some reason my Newcastle team are paying £16million in taxes EACH MONTH....anyone help me try to fathom out why on earth this is & how I could go about reducing this?!
  11. I wouldn't know myself, but I can't see why not as they haven't changed the basics of how it applies - i.e the sliders are all the same with the same ratings, as long as the database extracts the information from the same folder as in FM2009 then surely it should? That's just an amateur view though sorry fella, could easily be wrong
  12. Camera view: Main stand or elevated, depends on mood Match speed: Just above the middle, find that this way I can get a good read on the game and where the tactical changes are really needed. Highlights: Extended, same reason as above Replays: None Replay speed: N/a Match info screens?: Motivation, rating and possible latest score TV/Classic: TV Default view (when not watching the action): N/a
  13. Favourite Formations

    Personally I'm a massive fan of the 4-2-3-1 for my teams, with either 2 DMC's or 2 MC's and then AMR, AML and AMC for attacking. I find this gives width when attacking as well as solidity at the back with cover in the shape of the MC's. Although I have been struggling to find the right balance so far in the FM2010 with my MC's. Has anyone found this a problem? I know that to get past this I just need to keep working to find the right balance, but would be interested to see if anyone else has had problems with their CM pairing
  14. Can You Have A Son or Sons?

    I've had this happen in my Newcastle save. My son came through the youth system to be a decent first teamer but no more than that, only weird thing was he had exactly the same name as me...what are the odds??
  15. Personally I find that you can only really achieve the knowledge through a wide-scout network (make sure your scouts are ALWAYS searching somewhere, as soon as they leave their knowledge decreases) and keeping an eye on the youth tournaments. Once you find someone with promise, either sign them and nurture them OR stick them in a shortlist indefinitely - means they are all together when you want to check up on the promising talent.