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  1. Oh right!! Seems like i've got a while to wait then!!
  2. Can you remember how long you were descriped as under-pressure for?
  3. I did up the level of expectation of the start of this season. The board started off by requesting a mid-table finish, but i upped it to continental qualification. So that could be a reason for it.
  4. Its a new chairman! Jeff Hayter, I assume he is a re-gen type of chairman in the game??
  5. I've just checked my 'Personal' page and was surprised to see my description as "Under-pressure manager"?? I'm really not sure how I can be? I've been incharge of Leeds since starting a new game and i'm just about to start my 3rd season in the Prem with Champions League football. Its 2012/13 season. Back to back promotion to the prem and champions league football qualification in my 2nd season in the prem!! Now not wanting to blow my own trumpet but i think this is a great achivement! The board love me as do the fans!! So why is my manager description "Under-pressure manager"?? Any idea's? What is your description's on your current save??
  6. Megafan2005 is pointing out what can be done using the editor!
  7. What a boring thread!!! A complete waste of time!! Clearly he's used the editor but isn't man enough to admit it!! People buy FM so can play it as they wish, but to try a blag this is just pathetic!! Kids these days!!! When will they learn!!
  8. Surely you have to back up a thread like this with some kind of actual evidence?
  9. this makes me so angry

    Get a better keeper??
  10. Re-boot your PC / Laptop.
  11. I'm not venting at SI at all, and no one else that has contributed to this thread has either!! If you actually bother to read the posts, this thread has helped quite afew people out. If you dont have anything to say other than complaining about so called complaining, then dont post!! I think someone needs to feel like they act like a grown up and slate "prepubescant ranters" coz he's still playing computer games at his age!!
  12. I had that before i re-booted! Seemed to start fine afterwards!
  13. It should be saying 'Updating' with a % next to it! I'd recommend a re-boot!! Done the job for mine! I'm now 93% complete!