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  1. As far as I can see this is the latest update I can find on here / google? I have now got the itch to play FM again and FM11 was the best version. Maybe because I enjoyed it the most. But all the newer ones, whether full fat, or classic, have just not worked out for me. So I'm gonna download this and maybe holiday till 2016 and pick a team from there!
  2. Is the "Close down much more" TI the equilavent of last years - hassle opponent? Does it set all closing down to 20 on the sliders? If so how comes you can still tell players with PI that they can "close down much more"
  3. I watch In 2d and then have replays In 3d so I can get a different perspective. If I need to see it again in 2d I rewind to it
  4. This sounds really good! Haven't got into FM13 at all. Will probably see what the demo of FM14 is before buying that, however I didn't buy 12 and FM11 is my favourite version still as I played it the most. I experienced my best ever save where I worked my way all the way to the top. However I played it to death so much that I haven't played it for a couple of months now. But I'm really craving FM again so I will start a new save with this db and see how it goes Cheers for sharing!
  5. I am not going to embed these player screenshots so I don't overload the page. But I am guessing this is a tactics thing... but my stupid wingers just won't dribble considering all I read about is "how to deal with tricky wingers" and that dribbling got toned down in the last patch etc etc. Which is why I'm posting in here for help rather than anywhere else. So the argument I'm going to use if from the game I just played where I lost due to their winger scoring a nice goal after a "wonderful" dribble, yet this player is worse than mine so Its not my player surely! This is my winger - http://
  6. well 1 its quite clear many take direct as allowing players to make creative passes. if you look at the tactics creator in most cases more direct means more attacking.... so is it or isn't it long ball... some say it is long some say its not. None makes no sense... who cares if its the known concensus? Why is it called None? Its clearly confusing as hell to many. press conferences your argument is bad but its good in the way it shows that press conferences are pointless so i hope they remove them.
  7. This is just 1 of many examples that things get confused because the interpretation of things between SI and the people who buy the game differ considerably. "none" teamtalk has different meanings to different people... "direct" means different things for different people. Press conference answers of (around the lines of) "No i don't think the price tag will put pressure on the player to perform" which somehoe gets an "Unh" from the player because he wanted you to say that "you better live up to your price tag or i'm gonna cut your balls off" many areas of this game are as confusing as hell
  8. Maybe if he doesn't become a manager, when he retires and maybe leaves the game forever, you could retire yourself(maybe when your at an age to retire!) and then create a new manager named after him instead! Then you will be him! And maybe 20 years into that you might have another son! lol! A Grandson! would be cool btw he's starting to look a lot more impressive stats wise! VERY Jealous!
  9. Have you updated the original link so that it has this fix in it as it is quite annoying when it keeps coming up with the errors but otherwise its a fantastic pack! Maybe you could just make a d/l link for the match_sounds config file
  10. Ibrahimavic is pretty ridiculously sick, But Sissoko on FM05 was amazing when he could play AMCL
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