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  1. As far as I can see this is the latest update I can find on here / google? I have now got the itch to play FM again and FM11 was the best version. Maybe because I enjoyed it the most. But all the newer ones, whether full fat, or classic, have just not worked out for me. So I'm gonna download this and maybe holiday till 2016 and pick a team from there!
  2. What about a 442 with 2 DMs? Is that more solid defensively?
  3. Is the "Close down much more" TI the equilavent of last years - hassle opponent? Does it set all closing down to 20 on the sliders? If so how comes you can still tell players with PI that they can "close down much more"
  4. I remember seeing a SI member stating that it was causing game crashes to have the game running so they forced it to pause if you minimise when playing the game in full screen mode... If you want to play whilst doing other things then use windowed mode
  5. I am wanting to start a game based on Dafuges challenge - without actually participating in the thread (because I want to use my own rules/leagues) I don't want to cheat, I just want to get Enfield Town to get promoted to the Vanarama S after going through the process of holidaying a season. I have tried to reload and reload the save in the random chance that they are promoted but they never are, so I wanted to get them up in a fair way without it making my jobs easier once I am their manager? Which edits would achieve this? Hope that makes sense.
  6. Getting Enfield to come up is proving very hard indeed!
  7. I've just had a cross go in from the most ridiculous angle. At first I thought my striker had got a nod on it and headed it home. However it was apparently the cross from Lennon that scored. I would say it was a bug. I have saved a PKM. Do you want me to upload it?
  8. Also I don't quite understand why you have changed the tactics screen so drastically. It was always very useful to be able to right click your players PKD status and it would assign them to the next open squad slot. This was particularly useful when choosing your substitutes as you could do it in 7 right clicks. Now you have to left click then select your player, which is also difficult since it is hard to tell who hasn't already been selected yet... If I go to left click a squad slot to add a player, and then filter the list by position, then when I go back to the list when choosing my next player/squad slot I have to filter the list by position again. Lots of clicks now compared to very few before. I hope going back to the way it was previously is possible. Or atleast something inbetween the two. Otherwise I think this is a very nice skin/layout compared to previous years.
  9. I'm not 100% sure how I can be constructive and help you fix the issue... But I can say that there is a lot of "crosses" that always seem to be described by the commentary as "He almost got lucky with that" or "He certainly didn't mean that" Doesn't seem very realistic to me the amount it happens. Also a lot of the players toes seem to be pointing inwards as if they all have a dodgy walking stance.
  10. My ideal would be something similar to FM11. It was the perfect game in terms of play time, the layout, the features. The only things I would like improved would be the AI side of the game. So Match engine, transfer market, AI squad building, etc. I know it won't happen in the full game as they are always trying to add more, but if they could make FM classic like FM11 then that would be perfect for me. I can't get into the full mode as there is too much guff now and I can't deal with classic either as I feel there is too little to control. Ideally with classic the way forward for SI would be to have a features selection panel before game start. EG: Do you want press conferences? YES/NO (or SIMPLE/FULL - Simple for how it is in classic and full for full press conference options like full game) What level of training mode do you want LIGHT/MEDIUM/HEAVY Do you want team talks YES/NO Add any other optional features here...
  11. If you don't have a physio you won't get informed whe an injury occurs. Unless its in the middle of a game.
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