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  1. dude..it's abug. just ask SCIAG
  2. offsides

    ok, i that case the entire game is one gigantic bug. man u will never go into administration in real life. in the game this appears to be a regular occurrence. the off-side thing and man u admin is just an annoying facet of the game.
  3. offsides

    frankly, i don't have to show you anything. have you ever watched a real game of football? do you actually understand the concept of off-sides? i raised this issue a number of times. i have been a member here, on and off, for the last five years. lost my password, hence the new profile. carrying the 'semi-pro' tag does not make you a deity. in fact, the only thing it shows that you have the capability to type for a prolonged period. well done.
  4. offsides

    whats your point? this is obviously not a bug, just some ****** settings that require some improvement
  5. offsides

    no doubt, i agree with you. the problem is that these bad calls and i mean ridiculously bad calls exist...for and against.
  6. offsides

    i easily stress
  7. offsides

    ok, had enough. great game, pretty colours, the sun always shines blah blah blah..but for flock sake fix up the offside calls. every single game there are at least a couple of absolutely dodgy, insanely bad calls being made. not to mention the dubious once. i realise you guys are trying to mimic the real stuff but if real refs were calling offsides as bad as this they would be shot. some examples. my striker gets a pass in his own half and gets called offside. HOW??? WHY?????????????? striker is third in line and at least fiver yards away from the last defender, he waves through them, scores a ripper of a goal and then....OFFSIDE!!!!! AARGH!! the worst ever call was my central defender getting called offside in his own half. jesus people, can you please fix it for the next release. as i said, great game but this is nuts. at my age, i shouldn't have to stress about stuff like this. could suffer a stroke and then you will be hearing from my solicitor.
  8. Southampton World Champions :)

    isnt Southampton a city???
  9. you know you are going to have a bad day when....

    when you are some inexplicable reason into the 98th minute, five minutes past the allocated extra time and some lowly dood gets a clean break
  10. you know you are going to have a bad day when....

    lol...yes it was the best thing is that a guy in a wheelchair would have better stats. fitness 4??? passing 7, finishing 4 right...a real life messi
  11. you know you are going to have a bad day when....

    when freaking cardozo keeps on hitting the post with headers from five meters out. he is the new kezman
  12. you had 14 shots on goal 'til h/t, three posters, one waved off for off-side, the opposition had one shot and scores from 30 yards in the opening minute by some guy with 7 as a long shot stat and their keeper with no arms is keeping everything out
  13. Worst news you have ever had?

    my gran's passing
  14. It's not Holland, it's the Netherlands!!!

    so is it..UK, United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales, Brittannia???
  15. Thanks to SI

    Group hug!!!! (seriously)