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  1. Which fwd should I move to AM, complete or advanced fwd?
  2. What player to sacrifice if someone get red card?
  3. Suki

    [WIP] Isteni

    It looks beautiful. Hope it will be released soon...
  4. Suki

    FM12: Leandro Damião

    Have him as a lone striker set to be advanced forward. He scored 17 goals in 16 games! Worth every penny I have paid for him...
  5. Looking forward to tactic where I won't concede a lot of goals...
  6. Suki

    Chairman manager 2011

    Sorry to hear that mate...It was an interesting play...
  7. Suki

    Chairman manager 2011

    For sale at Man City: Carlos Tevez, Bendtner, Tafer, Manga, Tremoulinas and complete reserve squard.
  8. Suki

    FM11 - Fábio Coentrão

    Used him as DL. 29 games 4 goals and 14 assists. Sold him to Barcelona for 35M after that.
  9. Suki

    Chairman manager 2011

    For sale Vertonghen - 3 mil. Sebastian Bassong - 2 mil. Gokhan Gonul - 500k Alexandr Anyukov - 500k Yaya Toure - 1 mil. Ecuele Manga 7 mil. Lanzafame 1 mil.
  10. Suki

    Chairman manager 2011

    The Man City board would like to congratulate the players and their manager for their 2nd place in EPL and good display in League Cup.
  11. Suki

    Chairman manager 2011

    For sale at Man City: Manga, Yaya Toure, Mevlut Erdinc
  12. Suki

    Chairman manager 2011

    Can I please post the screen of Raphael Varane, Vasilis Dimitriou and Georgy Schennikov?
  13. Suki

    Chairman manager 2011

    What I have to do to join the game? Is this the latest patch? Do I need Steam to join your game or I can do it on some other way?