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  1. Never encountered problems on any other games than this. Oh actuallly there was GTA 5 issues but thats all I know of
  2. Ackter get off your high horse, stop talking to me like a school teacher and please stop defending SI's actions
  3. So are you saying it's fine to release a bugged game because there is a demo?? I sure hope you don't run a business of any kind
  4. Is there any surprise my attitude is horrible towards the game?? Lets look at it: 1. I paid £35 for the game to play on it's release. 2. The game is released with shed loads of issues. 3. I am then asked to be constructive and inform SI of the issues so they can fix them. The issues shouldn't be there when the game is released and I certainly shouldn't have to pay to test the game for them. As I said, it was exactly the same last year and if SI even remotely listen to any kind of feedback this wouldn't of happened again would it?
  5. Why is it when you add a comment in here voicing your opinion about the poor poor game which has been released, it gets deleted. It is valid feedback and SI should take it on board, something they clearly didn't do after last year. The game, as it is, is a shambles
  6. Don't like to rant very often as I like to give the game a chance however this just takes the p**s. Whilst I understand there is alot of pressure on SI to release the game as early as possible each year, why release a game that is not fit for purpose? Did we not learn anything from last year? The whole BETA process was to sort any bugs before the release, not rebuild the match engine because it has not been tested properly. SI will probably argue that it has been tested, I don't agree. The game itself is brilliant but the fact that the match engine makes is completely unrealistic spoils it. Fullbacks are rubbish every game without fail. I have managed Liverpool, and with a basic defensive setup I have conceded 37 goals in 15 games. You can defend the game as much as you want and blame it on my tactics but that is complete utter b******s. I really really don't understand how you get away with releasing games like this and just expect everyone to be happy when you say "yes, we are aware there is a problem and we are working on a fix". My view is that you do it because you are the only competitor in the market therefore don't have to worry about die hard fans going elsewhere. Sorry, just my opinion. Well done SI, i'm sure you've made millions
  7. I have considered doing it but didn't bother because I was having difficulty setting up a tactic I have used for years. Might try the 352 shortly
  8. I do change it during games, to be honest I've just about had enough of it. Sacked after 9 games. I don't want to have a massive rant about the ME but it is no different to last year, by that I mean they have released the game that is nowhere near ready. Far to many faults in the game
  9. Won my first league game but then haven't won a game in the league in the next 6 games. Currently sitting 17th in the league and conceding stupid amounts of goals. I just can't get my head round it
  10. Cracking post Lam, cheers. The problem I have is that I understand all of what you are saying but I struggle to see it lol. All of the above makes sense and considering I have just been beat 5-0 by Aston Villa there was clearly something not right. I am not playing Sturridge as a winger, I am using him as an inside forward (a) from the right wing position. I am leaving my centre back as CD (d) as I don't like them to push too far out of position. I will leave my DM as a DM (d) unless I am playing a superior team to stop the AMC. Keeping my CML as a CM (a) using Honda as my first choice. Cheers for the in depth post, hopefully some of the changes will help me not get sacked :-)
  11. So, I've played my first league game against Crystal Palace, won 2-1. They still managed to have 16 shots however 10 of them were long shots. The formation I have settled with is: Uploaded with ImageShack.us The stats for the game are as follows: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us I must say that my tactic familiarity is nowhere near at its best. So, would you tactical wizards be changing much else or stick with this and see how I go?
  12. Cheers mate, I've just restarted so I'll see how I get on. Is everyone suffering with conceding lots or is that just me?
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