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  1. Thanks man, changes were made a few days ago (post 11 shows the result.)
  2. Did a google search and couldn't find anything on this but does anyone know what the different levels of team cohesion are in the team talk feedback page? Mine is at "Strong understanding" and I just wondered if there was a list showing all the possibilities kicking about?
  3. Team instructions are: Short passing, Pass into space, Work ball into box, play out of defence and close down more. I must stress though I've adopted the approach of tweaking these based on how a match is going. Common changes are play wider if I'm getting bogged down in the box and then perhaps one of the exploit shouts if there is a really obvious weakness. Player instructions are distribute to CBs for the keeper, close down less for all CBs (essentially to keep a more solid shape). Might also throw on get further forward to the B2B mid if I want to force attacks. What are you doing with your strikers at the moment?
  4. This is the current tactic. I'll make team instruction changes throughout a match if I feel I need to (play wider, exploit weakness etc.) In terms of strikers getting goals, Balotelli got 25, Sturridge 15, Origi 16 and Munir 3 (hmm...) None of them really had a huge season and I'd probably say that the key to this was the defence. After all if you don't concede you can't lose! I won a lot of games by a single goal, drew a lot of games in the league but only lost one. I'm sure one of the tactical gurus here could play like this and score 100s but if you focus on the defence first its a good platform to build on. Let me know if I can help out in any other way mate.
  5. http://i.imgur.com/Jco44sb.jpg[/img]"] So that went ok after the changes. Thanks all.
  6. Took me a while to wrap my head around the search function (6 years, you'd think I'd sorted it...) but I found it. Yeah it looks like you played pretty similarly with a few key differences, two CWBs looked like it really helped out your width. Might amend my previous statement and try it out after all!
  7. The idea was to cover for the CWB though you're probably right about the centrebacks offering enough insurance there. So may be a supporting CM then, might go with a box to box (reckon that's sound?) Yup I noticed that shortly after the post and revisions have been made. The AF now plays on the right with the left hand striker now being a DLF-S. Striker roles have also been changed on this one to sort that again. Yeah this one was/is primarily used when I'm the stronger side and want to take advantage of weaker sides with no DM (probably why it fared well away from home.) To be honest its so rarely used that I'm considering binning it and trying something else as a 3rd slot. Coming up to February of the 2nd season and defensively its as good as ever with only one loss in the league out of 23. I'm not scoring enough though and drawing a lot of games (lots of 0-0s) so hopefully switching up that central role should have a knock on effect in terms of that sort of thing eh? Thanks a bunch mate.
  8. Especially how, given game time, Flanno turns into a damn solid full back. Hell the lad plays wing back for me and is even good going forward.
  9. Well you're definitely braver than me going with the wide players in midfield! Do you find you struggle against sides that play aggressive wingers in the AML/R positions at all? Could the issue with not marking strikers be down to lack of ability with your CBs or do you think its a systemic problem?
  10. So I just finished my first season with Liverpool finishing a respectable 3rd and reaching the champions league semis but I'm not fully happy with the 352 variants I've been playing. Defensively its relatively sound conceding 20 league goals (the least in the league) and it isn't awful going forward but I just have a nagging feeling it can be better with a bit of work and hopefully some insight from the tactical minds here. The Tactics (Players are in a jumbled set of positions because I just flicked through the tactics without changing them to show the shape rather than line-ups) The first 352. Control mentality, fluid shape. TI: Short passing, pass into space, work ball into box, play out of defence and close down more. Early on in the season this was my most used formation but I found it could end up isolating the two strikers (the CMA was a RPM at the time) so later switched to primarily using... The 2nd 352, same mentality and fluidity. TI: Short passing, pass into space, work into box, play out of defence, close down more, higher tempo. And a third rarely used formation Pros Well the obvious positive is the defence (something I wish I could say of the reds in real life.) Conceding just twenty in the league 13 of which came against United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Everton suggests that most opposition are struggling to break us down. Another thing I've enjoyed seeing is both the wingbacks getting into the box and scoring and assisting a fair few each over the season. Cons Awful record in big games. Was perhaps unlucky to concede some of the goals I did but often didn't look like scoring. My strikers missed an awful lot of what the game considers CCC and I wonder if its down to being isolated and snatching at chances? Dunno, just a thought. Not very many of the players who played the CMD role got a higher average rating than 7. So yeah I feel I've waffled on a fair bit there so I'll leave it there for now but would happily answer any questions if needed. Ta in advance.
  11. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/378441-Football-Manager-2014-Update-14.2.0-Out-now?p=9289049#post9289049 There is a section in that thread subtitled "Match". Are those not match engine changes? (Apologies if that came off all sarcastic, it was a genuine question!)
  12. 42 pages, 33 years and 1 cracking read from start to finish. Congratulations lad, if it was half as fun to play as it was to follow then you really have got the most out of this game!
  13. Ok haven't been in this thread since the early pages and the demo. I got distracted by a journeyman save that was a lot of fun but it has ended up running far to slow and it got frustrating so I'm back. In terms of this save it was actually started a week or so before the update was released so I'm not sure how different things will be from most peoples in here. I've gone for a youth heavy approach and my average squad age (August 2016) is ony 23, the only over 30 registered is Reina though I think this average age counts kuyt who is 36 and is in the reserves. Finances stand at £178m and I have improved facilities at every opportunity to help get the most out of youngsters (both signed and from the academy.) I currently have 3 wonderkids at the club: Simon Cosentini Jose Gonzalez Mursel Zeybek And 3 players from the academy with 3.5* or more potential: Morell Johnson Eddie Buckley Louis Bates This season I've taken big risks. I've sold icon Cavani (29) for 36m, and Suarez (29) for 3.4m. They left for Juventus and Sampdoria respectively (both tycoon owned.) Gerrard has retired to become a coach. I'm hoping my legendary status (show off) will allow me some wriggle room if this season goes utterly balls up. Far longer post then I expected and fairly link heavy so congrats if You've made it this far without skimming and saying shut up. Will be far more active from now on! YNWA
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