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  1. I'm having the same issue with the cup. I got some achievements after the latest update, but still no cup one. I won the league, fa, caribou and charity shield and it didn't pop after the FA one.
  2. I have done that a few times. That's one of the reasons I can get it to work again. It's seems to a be a bit random when this happens. Seems to have lessened a bit, these last few days.
  3. Yes I had recently updated to the latest version. My Version is 1903 and OS build 18352.175.
  4. I'm having the same issue here. Randomly when I start the game I get the icuuc59.dll icuin59.dll errors and have to reset the FM19 app in Windows to be able to start the game. Then after some time when I want to play again. It happens again, I have no idea why that keeps happening.
  5. My logos and kits work, haven't tried the player pictures. I haven't had much luck with achievements with saves I created in the steam version of the game, just the Xbox Game pass version.
  6. Is there save compatibility with the normal pc version?
  7. It was the first signing I did when I started my Everton save. I bought Dolberg for 16m pounds that could work up to 25m. Then got Andrea Pinamonti on loan as backup.
  8. The title says it all, I was wondering if the in-game editor disables the achivements in the iOS version of the game? I have been playing a bit before and after I used it and haven't gotten a single chevo yet, not even the one for winning with long ball and short passing and such. I have played saves with the editior diabled and it's the same. I'm running the latest version on iPad Air 1.
  9. I started a new save in the beta, like many others I had a hard time signing players. I tried to get Hummels and Vidal without no luck. My biggest suprise was Valencia, he is a player that I usually sell quite quickly along with Young and Cleverly. Since I couldn't I used him. He scored 23 goals in his first season and 24 the one after and being one of my best players. I signed: Iver Fossum 700k, Eder Alvarez Balanta for 12.25m, Mattia De Sciglio for 27.5m, Galls for free, Quique for 725k, Gabriel Barbosa for 8.25m and in January Lucas Romero for 10.75m. Sold: Asheley Young for 12m to Tottenham. The next year I spent around the same, but sold for around 93m. Guys like Smalling, Rafael, Powell, Cleverly, Hernandez, Fellaini. I finished 7th the first year, 1st the second, 5th the third year and 1st the 4th. I'm now finally finding my stride with the game and team.
  10. I'm 37 years old and have been playing since CM2 and I hopefully will never stop.
  11. I usually play my main save with Man Utd and the last few years with Bromley in Confrence South.
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