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  1. Wow, what a broken game. I only just picked it up, and now I wont even be bothered to play it. 138 goals? Horrible... And to the OP: You have won the game. No point in playing it anymore.
  2. Starting a new game

    I mix it up all the time. I rarely start a new game, similar to another game I've once started... But then again I spend a lot of time on each save. Usually I start with FC Copenhagen (my team). Next save will probably be as unemployed for a challenge. Then some mid to bottom side in one of the better leagues. And then some low low low league side for a real challenge. Edit: I actually never start with top sides, come to think of it. The highest I've started with is probably when I startet Aston Villa in '07
  3. Hmm I found myself doing it a lot in FM08. Some of the common ones I often signed was Farfan, Arshavin, Riquelme, Nakamura, Zapata, Squillaci, Pineda, Diogo... Off course not all of them for every side, but I played a lot and I've signed all of them more than 3 times. This is kinda natural though because one of the first things you do is scout and find affordable players that you really like. These don't change from game start to game start, so you will be very compelled to sign players that you know are quality for money. I've tried to refrain from this in FM09 (and have done so succesfully) since I find that it gets a little old if you do. I also stopped signing free young prospects (in 08 you also learned who they were pretty quickly) and rely on intake and monitoring young players myself. I'm very proud of myself.
  4. Then you definately should avoid using third party scouts. It reveals hidden information about players and you can use it to see ALL players in the database, not only the ones that are "known in your region". You're not really supposed to know the CA and definately not the PA of youth players for obvious reasons. That's what you have ingame scouting for, and even then you don't get a specific value of a players PA. I don't really care if people use third party scouts since it doesn't concern me. I personally prefer not to use them as I see it as cheating and that just ruins the game for me. It's somewhere on the line with loading back if you lose a match, it's just not fun (to me).
  5. FM09 going back on the shelf

    You've summed up my feelings exactly. I agree with most of your thread even if I only quote this part. I'm not that satisfied with FM09 at all and if I could take the database, tactics and ME to FM08 I would (too). I don't really want to go back to FM08 BECAUSE of the new match engine but at the same time FM09 just... Stripped Football Manager of its appeal. It's frustrating really because this just results in me playing much less. I've been playing manager games since CM2 or so and it've actually always been a part of my life, sad as it may be. Now something is missing and that just makes me feel sad. I really pray that FM10 takes some things back to basics. But at the same time I'm looking for new features because I think they've been cruising on the same stuff for much too long now. Meh but this is not an ideas and wishlist for FM10 thread, so I better stop here.
  6. Help for download

    Why is that? I downloaded with over 300kb/s from the RapidShare link. Can be higher, sure, but 300Kb/s is good enough. Took less than 10 min.
  7. Target man?

    Target men does work better this year around. In 08 it seemed that whenever I chose someone as a target man my players would try to feed him the ball ALL the time leading to alot of dumb ball losses. Right now I'm actually using a sort of Aston Villa setup with an extremely fast guy and a good header up front. Works well!
  8. It should be, as 4457 says, in your steam folder and then \steamapps\Football Manager 2009\tools\data editor
  9. 17 Players Withdraw

    Oh... Maybe it is worth posting on the bug forums? 17 players being recalled is a bit drastic
  10. Scouting - Knowledge?

    I don't know actually (so why post? ) But I always max out my allowed scouts at the club with scouts from all over the world to get knowledge from those areas. They don't need to be good scouts, as long as they have a bundle of knowledge. I'm not even done with my first season yet, so I can't check if the intake is affected by this (didn't pay attention to it in 08), but it'll definately be interesting to see.
  11. 17 Players Withdraw

    Did you arrange the friendly yourself and in that case did you choose some silly date in the middle of league fixtures?
  12. I sure don't want it to be easier. If it where, I'd be winning anything no sweat.
  13. FM Genie Scout 2009?

    Sure he didn't just offer the source code to some other programmers? Perhaps you're right about him just wanting to off load some pressure, but still sounds a bit drastic. So this guy makes a great piece of software and charges 10$ a pop for full versions. I don't have any figures, but my guess is that at least a couple of thousands felt they could spare 10 bucks, so he probably earned himself some 5 digit amount on this... All of a sudden he backs out, claims he can't work on the project any longer due to personal issues, releases the full version for everybody and starts handing back all that money...? I'm not trying to reach some conclusion here... Just wondering what gives? Maybe he just felt sick thinking about the patch that is being released. "Nooo.... I have to start over?! NOOO!"
  14. FM Genie Scout 2009?

    wait wait wait... It costs money? Hahaha that's just riddiculous. In this money hungering time there aren't even room for free independendt software anymore. Well screw you my good sire