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    FM07, Going to Liverpool games.
  1. Midfield MONSTER

    Jean Makoun
  2. Administration

    Always the same I think. I've never seen it any different on the game anyway.
  3. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    After you've set you expectations, if you ask for more you get around £58m.
  4. Yup. Hi Fella, the latest patch will contain ALL the earlier fixes </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Thanks, appreciated. Do I first install the game then run the patch exe then? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
  5. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    But the debt on Kop Holdings and Hicks and Gillett will be paid by the clubs profits and so will the £30m p/a interest payments. So it's realistic. And god knows why we have so much to spend because unless DIC or someone else come in, we could be looking at very small budgets until the new stadium is built.
  6. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Miemie: Extremely dissapointed if confidence hasn't been adressed. It was absolutely the main thing that made me stop playing my game and wait for the patch. Haven't tried the patch yet but the comments and the fix list suggest the confidence hasn't been tweaked. The SI people just seem to be ignoring us on this one. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> What he said.
  7. Vanden Borre on FM05. He was 16 I think and becuase of an injury crisis started early on in the season and scored on his debut!
  8. If you've gone to the current Championship Manager series, then you're wasting you're time.
  9. Your Faviourite FM Team

    FM05: Valencia FM06: Man City FM07: Betis FM08: Nothing as of yet.
  10. I'll probably wait for the second patch (February/March). Near enough all of the bugs are gone by then. I just couldn't stand another year like when FM08 was released!
  11. If 07 is anything to go by yes. He is an absolute rock.
  12. Anyone playing with Valencia?
  13. The Great FM08 Championship Discussion Thread

    Just finished my first season with Southampton and thought I'd post a few screenshots to show my progress.