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  1. Changed my graphics drivers from Dell ones to HP ones. Will see if it helps. I play in Windowed mode when the issue happens.
  2. Thanks, It uploaded."joer247 -dxdiag.txt The antivirus on the laptop is Sophos Endpoint security and control, version 10.3
  3. Hi Having this problem on two laptops. Whenever I close the lid of the laptop to get it to sleep, or I lock the laptop, 9/10 when I come back to it, the game has frozen. The mouse cursor changes depending on what I hover it over, e.g. the search box, it changes to the typing cursor. This happens on both windows 7 and windows 8.1 as I have a new laptop. It's a dell xps13 - I7, Intel 4400 graphics and a 512GB SSD. The old laptop was I5, Intel 4000 graphics and a 128 SSD. Any other reports of this issue as it is very annoying to lose progress everytime I lock or shut the lid. The PC is configured to sleep when the lid is closed - not shut down or hibernate. Thanks.
  4. I'm playing as a Welsh division side with a tight budget and thus have to rely on free transfers for the most part. I'm having some sticky issues with amateur contracts. If a player is on a full contract you can offer £0 for example and it can sometimes be accepted... However if the player is on an amateur contract at a club, you can not bid for him at all... What that means is, you can offer him a contract, but have to pay 250k in compo Now, this player isn't tied to a contract and my scouts say he'll be available on a free but he isn't free. A player I want will actually cost me £250k in compo and I can not bid for any lower amount. Seems a bit of a flaw that it's impossible to lure the chap away without paying what I'd deem over the odds. Is this a flaw in the game or does it mirror real life? Surely the amount a team would pay for someone on an amateur contract would be at the discretion of the two clubs to agree a suitable amount?
  5. http://gyazo.com/4dd2404efc817682ceb4c71c565ae4fc why am I mow missing the box which is normally here? The one which shows the date and can be used to rest all players. it also shows the logo of the team who I am playing on that day can you please help me get it back i hope i am not the only one with this issue. it appears on the default skin but not on any custom skin which I try. I cant use the default dark skin as it isnt dark enough. is there a way to change the background image of the default skin to a darker image?
  6. now with the 12.2 update I appear to be missing the date in the top left corner aswell as the button which pulls down to let me rest my players. its annoying as I used it to see the date and see who's logo it is on a match day
  7. I tried it with a skin called Base2012 Dark BG which let me use a custom darker background and verified my cache files but its still not showing. it shows when I use the FM 2012 Dark skin but I want to use this other skin as the default dark one isn't dark enough. Is there some other way to change the background of the default dark one? thanks
  8. http://gyazo.com/ed565aec17b51a6cdc8fde5ecb31cf70 where has this bar gone????????????????? it used to display the date and let rest all players??? where has it gone!
  9. At the beginning of my 2012 save I set a picture for my manager and now when I've come back to my game it has disappeared anybody know how to fix this?
  10. Get posting all your wonder goals and great team moves in here i'll start of with this wonder goal (welsh style) against my reserves [video=youtube;sxDWDKcBUPU]
  11. quick question, why dont my attribute colour changes attually change ingame?
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