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  1. Looks really good so far, temped to take charge of Uncle Bob's, hah. One quick thing I noticed was you have a team called "Dumchapel" in the Western Football League Division 6, I think you mean "Drumchapel"
  2. You can just do it within FM as soon as you create a new career, as you're selecting what club to manage, there's a tab next to add manager allowing you to add/remove leagues.
  3. I had the same problem, what you can do if go to the FM button and click Add/Remove Leagues, then add the Highland-Lowland Division, it should then say it will take effect on 20/6/2014, you can then just go on holiday until then. Just turned 20/6/2014 and took charge of Stirling Uni
  4. Nice, been wanting to try out Stirling Uni, hah, CL here I come!
  5. Looking forward to this, I tried myself to get it working but the advanced settings are pretty confusing, and the basic settings don't seem to work for this, as you can't edit the original Highland-Lowland League :/ Can't wait to try the lowland league!
  6. Hey guys, started a new game with 11.3, doing well so far, played 7 won 7. Here's my starting lineup for the 2010-11 season, brought in a few players I found, really decent youngsters on the cheap, I recommend to any people playing as Rangers. Here is Georgi Milanov He can be bought for £250k from Litex, a great bargain, just sits behind the front 2 strikers, got him set to run with ball and all that, cracking player. Taufic Guarch is a good player too, only 18 with decent stats, costs £1.4m Mirko Barocelli can be bought for around £250k-350k from each of his co-owned clubs, 18 years old and is natural in AML AMR and ST, great back up, hope he improves. Luis Prazeres is a Regen from some Portuguese club. Got some money left over so might spend it in January, see how were doing. Will update after January transfer window.
  7. Wow, Rangers have restructured their debt! If only it was RL
  8. Ajax 2028/29 GK: Regen DL: Regen DR: Regen DC: Regen DC: Regen MC: Regen MC: Regen AML: Ryan Giggs AMR: Regen ST: Regen ST: Regen
  9. After reading this thread I'm installing CM 03/04. Thanks for wasting my weekend -.-
  10. Could a Mod please change the title of my career thread please? I had made a spelling mistake anyway so though I might as well change the whole thing. Here Would like it changed to: Carma Carma Carma Camelon! Thanks
  11. Probably one of the best Regens I have ever seen... Originated at Osasuna.
  12. Hmm, for some reason the name doesn't ring a bell, must of been an older version of CM then, I'm almost positive he was Russian, ack if only i could remember the name, for some reason Slavia Prague springs to mind, will have to check my 01/02 version and try and find him. Edit: I think it may have been Maxim Tsigalko, the name Max reminds me of a player but i still remember him being Russian, mabey I'll find him someday heh. Edit 2: Yup thats him, just checked CM 01/02, the fact he plays for Dynamo Minsk put me off that he was Russian. Thanks for the help robert Man that was some time ago, brings back some memories heh.
  13. Anyone remember a Russian Striker from i think it was 01/02, might be wrong, I used to remember he was amazing, also remember a thread about him where someone signed him from Barcelona and he was a goal machine, scoring over 1000 goals for them. Cant mind the name for the life of me, but i have a vague feeling he playing for some Eastern European team at the start of the game, anyone got any ideas? Been bugging me for ages.
  14. Ack, lost 2-1 against Hereford in my 1st Rnd FA Cup match to a 86th minute goal Didn't get that much money from the run, would of liked a League 1 team away from home, but there's always next year.
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