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  1. Brilliant to see someone playing as the Glens! Definitely watching this closely.
  2. Ive just ran FM15 and using TGpro, I noticed my CPU core 1 went up to 101c. Its not something I ever noticed playing FM15.
  3. How many leagues are you running in what sized database for your effected save? Running 17 leagues from 5 countrys What resolution is your Mac set to via the System Preferences? 2560 x 1600 Are you running in Full Screen (if so, what Resolution), Windowed or Maximum Borderless Windowed Mode? Full screen 1280 x 800 What graphics quality does it recommend your system to run at? High What graphics quality do you set your system to (High, Medium, Low etc)? High If you lower the graphics quality does it make any difference to the fans/performance? No difference How does 3D run in game - does it lag, skip etc or does it play without any performance issue? It lagged until i turned the retina off. It now runs fine What temperature does your system run at when running matches? (You can use TGPro on a 3 day trial to see, but bear in mind this program is not made by or supported by Sports Interactive) - https://www.tunabellysoftware.com/tgpro/ CPU core 1: 105oC CPU core 2: 98oC CPU GFX core 3: 96oC CPU PECI: 104oC CPU Proximity: 75oC Can you also please send your System report to forums@sigames.com and include your forum username? Email sent with title of 'Overheating FM16 - AndyGFC'
  4. Luciano Veitto is an absolute beast. Been my top scorer the last 3 years running at Everton and he's still only a kid.
  5. What role is everyone playing Jellyfish? Cant get him to score for love nor money.
  6. When your msn convo consists of ***********McV*****ei*****gh**************** **** *****[LoveGlentoran***** : *****HateWannabeThugs]************ says: the deal may fall through and the two players youtube and Fm can't get along with each other Andy (Y)Glentoran FC(Y) says: has the manager got the experiance to resolve the issue? ***********McV*****ei*****gh**************** **** *****[LoveGlentoran***** : *****HateWannabeThugs]************ says: he does, but he doesn't have the resources ***********McV*****ei*****gh**************** **** *****[LoveGlentoran***** : *****HateWannabeThugs]************ says: and the PARENT club aren't willing to pay for these resources
  7. When your standing watching your team (Glentoran), a player looks tired and you turn to your mate and say "Surely he should be subbed, His condition must be below 80%!!!
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