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  1. Well ill try some of yours suggestions people, thanks, ill keep updated if i find anything that 'gets me going again' Sorry Lucy 2002 is hardly years ago for us old people...cant help you on that one...
  2. Hmmm, there were a few i played, i think it was something like £1.50 per turn or something....i only remember PSL as thats what it says on my trophy, ill see if i can hunt it out...then i played one where they played the whole season on 1 turn, far too exciting, i couldnt wait for the post to come back. Then i tried a 'gang warfare' type PBM (Play by mail) where you had to try and get fame by burning churches and other things and trying to control blocks...all very exciting! hmm i just found it...it was called 'its a crime' and is on www.kjcgames.com thanks Danny you just inspired me to find it again, it tells you all about play by mail and theres a soccer one too...i remember the name kjc games, they used to advertise in World Soccer magazine if i remember rightly...i think ill start it up again!
  3. Yes i'm a total old school fan of football management and it all started with kevin toms football manager for the spectrum ...well actually it started with LoGacta (look it up on ebay and youtube) which i still have the original, i used to roll dice for football teams scores and choose the different colour dice dependant on which team was playing...I also used to play by mail football league management too, i still have my PSL 1987 champions trophy i won with Sunderland....anyway i digress... then i used to play so many different football manager games (fa cup on spectrum, multiplayer soccer manager on the Atari ST...digressing again, must...stop). Then Championship manager came out (1994? 1995?) the rest is history. I'm not sure i could go back now as its come along way but i still yearn for that excitement i used to get and wondered if anyone knows of any or plays any play by post/email football leagues? or if anyone knows of any 'old school' type management games? Or is it that i dont get excited by football manager like i used to?....ok ok i still do but i'm past 40 now...i started very young!
  4. I was boiling some herbal remedy from one of those chinese 'cure all' shops and got too far into the game, smelt burning and ran downstairs to find it was all burnt to a crisp and the pan handle had melted too and there was a hole in the bottom of the pan, nealry burnt house down
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