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  1. Hey, I succesfully created an .edt file to have future transfers to my team. This works for both Verratti and Insigne, but somehow I cannot get El Shaarawy right. I've tried various name-options, and getting other players from Milan worked perfectly. It's just El Shaarawy that won't show up. To show my current edt file: As said; both Insigne and Verratti worked, as wel as some tests I did with other players from Milan (so I was sure it wasn't the teamname that was spelled wrong). I tried these options: "Stephan" "" "El Shaarawy" "Stephan" "Stephan El Shaarawy" "El Shaarawy" "Stephan" "El Shaarawy" "El Shaarawy" though without succes as well. (and as far as i can tell he doesn't have a different full name or a common name at all). I could try using the unique id, but I'm not sure how to format it. Am I doing anything wrong here? Or is his name different then I typed? Thanks in advance. Managed to get it to work using Unique ID's, probably because his name is too special . Ended up adding all these lines; tried to isolate the correct one without succes (seems as if they are all needed)...
  2. Could you maybe upload it to another mirror? Filefactory keeps complaining about no download slots unless I pay something.
  3. 3-4-3 Casillas/Neuer Kompany/Ramos - Pique/Vidic - Phil Jones/Thiago Silva Messi/Lahm - Xavi/Hamsik - Mascherano/Xabi Alonso - Iniesta/Bale Ronaldo/Neymar - Cavani/Falcao - Aguero/David Silva From what i've actually managed in 1 savegame (sorta dreamteamover different seasons) 4-3-3 Viviano Romario - Astori - bocchetti - Balzaretti/Criscito Poli - Migliaccio - Bertolacci Hernandez - Cavani - Willian
  4. So no matter what I would get 50% of the transfer, even though it's my own clause (so for this hypothesis say they accepted the 5m offer, meaning I in the end paid 2.5m)?
  5. I was wondering if anyone tried this (or knows this). Basically you sell your player for lets say 1m with a 50% of the next transfer clause. Then after 1 year you buy that player back for 5m. Will you get 2.5m back since you still have that 50% clause? Or will the clause get forfeited because you are the one buying? Technically I would expect to get 2.5m back since no matter what I should get 50% of the next transfer... Thanks in advance if anyone knows!
  6. Pato. Neymar is equally skilled but more likely to be a pain in the ass imo.
  7. Anything under first team is tutorable. So "squad rotation" will do the trick if i remember correctly.
  8. And that's why it's a challenge =D. How far can you go before you're kicked. I'll have a look into it in the near future.
  9. Hey, I have 2 questions/comments i noticed when watching a match report: I noticed something weird. I went on holiday for a game, and on return I read the news item about the match. I clicked on the match report and went to look for the formation. It was my formation (i asked for them to play it), and they played Khedira - Fabregas in midfield (they should be swapped for their roles), and played with the away kit (black). When I look at my fixtures (from the clubscreen) and click on the same match, and check the formation again, the midfield suddenly was Fabregas - Khedira (so in correct positional roles) and they were on the home kit (white). Also the goalkeeper form the opposing team changed kits. How does this work? Is it just something random, or is it a bug? And about the player roles; when I saw Khedira at the playmaker position and Fabregas playing ballwinning midfielder I was doubting the AI looks at roles, but on the matchreport from the fixtures it was correct. Does the AI take into account the roles (and/or swap settings) when picking players? The MCL is swapping positions with the AMC, which makes perfect sense for Fabregas to do, but no sense at all for Khedira who's a great ball winner, but not so much an AMC... I included both screens (clickable).
  10. Looks like something fun actually. Try to kill a normally very wealthy team. Barcelona and Arsenal always seem to get huge bank accounts. I imagine you have to quit all the seeder clubs (merchandise), offer everyone massive contracts+bonusses and invest a lot into players that are crap? And of course, not do well in the leagues to prevent high prize- and tv money.
  11. I'm more curious if the wage you get affects your wage budget. I always take the lowest wage possible not to harm my clubs finances, but if it doesn't make a difference at all i might as well just take the highest, just to be greedy.
  12. Cavani's money is already payed, so you won't get to see anything of it. I'd suggest getting Motta if you can. Usually when he just gets back from the loan he's cheap, though it can go up as soon as Udine realize that he's prettty good. When i don't have money for a real backup, i just retrain everyone. Bovo can play on either side as soon as you retrain him, Munoz can be put in RB after half a season or so, and if you put either Migliaccio or Bacinovic in DC training you got opening gap that covered as well. Btw Palermo on FM12's gonna be much harder. Sirigu & Pastore left, two backbone players for me on all my saves .
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