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  1. Pedro from FLU in Brazil is an absolute bargain. Paid £9M rising to £10M with appearance add-ons. His value instantly went for £21M when he signed, and is currently the top scorer in the Premier League for my Wolves team in February with 18 goals in 27 games.
  2. Just had this guy come through as a youth candidate!!! So excited, probably the best stats I've had personally from a regen at 16. Hope I can keep hold of him.
  3. Found this guy when I got promoted to League One after his agent offered him to me - £195K he cost me and he's only 22. Playing well so far for me.
  4. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Harry Kane Your Team: Spurs Buyer/Seller: Man City Player's Value: £30M Offer: £50M upfront, £10M over 12 months and 50% profit from next sale Transfer/Wage Budget: £30m Patch: 16.3 Season: End of season 1 Kane just finished top scorer in the league and won the golden boot. Do I sell him and try and get Dybala in to replace him or try to hold onto him for another season?
  5. Any tips on how to play Eriksen in a CM role?? Was playing well just behind the striker as an AP but have decided to drop the midfield deeper after being dominated through the middle a lot and Eriksen has since been pretty average.
  6. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Riyad Mahrez Your Team: Leicester Buyer/Seller: Man Utd Player's Value: £26.5M Offer: £27M upfront & £7.25M over 12 months Transfer/Wage Budget: £0m Patch: Beta Season: January 1st Season Mahrez has been outstanding for me, best average rating in the league, lots of goals and assists, but it is a LOT of money for a player with fairly average stats - could I get a better replacement for a cheaper price?
  7. Was originally going to sell Vardy on my Leicester save as he's worth £19M but he's been playing outstanding for me. Got off to a slow start as he had quite a few injuries at the start of the season but is bang in form with the top teams sniffing around him now. At the age of 29 I will decide whether I should keep him for another season or cash in and spend the money on a younger striker. Valued at £21M now, I think I would accept £25M if a bid came in January.
  8. The most exciting regen I've had yet on FM15! He's 15 and look at those stats!!! Just a shame he's gotta wait 3 years to come
  9. Yeah did look at that as his passing, first touch etc looks good but his defending skills make me want him to be a CB! Just a shame about the jumping and his height slightly
  10. Got this kid coming for £5M in a few weeks time. Looks very exciting, a few stats there which can be improved but overall looks as though he could be a class act when at his peak! A bit on the small side, but hopefully can improve his jumping.
  11. My first regen signing for my newly promoted Nottingham Forest side. Looks like he could turn into a brilliant defender. Just a shame about his natural fitness Also looks like he may get a few red cards. Happy with him for £1.2M though!
  12. Thanks gonna try this when I get home.. Yeah you're right quite a few of my conceded goals come fairly late on in the match so could be due to tired legs. Don't really want to change the mentality of the wingers though as they, and Paterson in particular, are absolutely on fire at the moment.
  13. Looking for a bit of advice on this tactic... Working okay for me so far but I'm conceding usually 2 goals a game which I need to cut out, no problem attacking as we are the leagues top scorers. It seems to be that my full backs don't pick up the runner and someone comes picking the ball up from wide and scores.. should I play them more defensively? Also if anyone could advise me how to get the best out of my striker... like I said we've had no problem scoring but my striker has been extremely average, doesn't seem to be in the game much and it's my wingers who get most of the goals.
  14. Villa save is so hard this year . Was doing great last season sitting 8th for the majority, and then about February we just started shipping goals left right and centre. Finished 13th after all that, and this year it's so hard to sign players. £6M budget but I can only offer top players around 40K. Big challenge.
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