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  1. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/175981-4-1-2-1-2-Complete-Dominance
  2. on a different thread,just look and you will find it
  3. mr hough have you got a download link for the tweaked tactic,what tweaks have you done to the real invincibles 4-3-3???????
  4. could you provide a download link to this with your tweaks please mate
  5. when we looking at the release of the tactic mr hough,is it still in the shape of 4-2dm-2-2?
  6. well,looks oustanding mate,a massive amount of goals scored in that amount of goals,good goals against record aswell to games played,looks like you have smashed it this time,you are without a doubt the number 1 tactician of fm2010,
  7. just destroyed sheff wed in league cup 13-0
  8. It could work there is no reason why it wouldn't, the one thing you will have to be careful of is it being too attacking on the other hand having alot of players in midfield will help close play down and track the ball good. Let me know how you get on with this that was the comment what you made
  9. perhaps the best winger tactic i have tried so far,which is good,just going to see the season out,just a bit worried against the big teams,loosing to chelsea in community shield 3-1 and just scraping a 2-2- draw at home to man city just destroyed sheff wed in league cup 13-0 liverpool away 2-2
  10. a post i made mr hough a very long time ago,something i think is should look into,have seen a thread someone making similar formation and doing very well post was made 22nd may,can you remember?page 25 half way down on this thread
  11. chelsea lost 3-1 community shield fulham home 0-0 newcastle away 5-0 win (8ccc) man city home 2-2 (city was the better team) blackburn away 1-0 win (just scraped it) west hame home 4-0 win dinamo kiev home 1-1 west brom away 4-1 win(west brom had as many chances as me) so far in the prem p6 w4 d2 l0 f16 a3 pts14 in 1st place,so going well
  12. just got smashed by chelsea 3-1 in community shield,see how it goes in next game,pre-season games went ok but was against very weak opposition
  13. http://www.zshare.net/download/786100224553cf8b/ think this is one mate,a 4-4-2
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