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  1. This is really good mate. Its the first tactic that i have tried where i've felt a degree of control in games, no doubt due to the style of possession based tactic. Played as Napoli in the first season (15/16) and won the treble (league, cup and Euro) despite a very tight race with Juve for the title. Even more impressive considering that when you play as Napoli every man and his dog wants to leave at some point during the season (had to sell Higuain and Insigne in Jan, brought in Lukaku to replace). Kostic was excellent on the left wing and Callejon was surprisingly brilliant on the right despite not being suited to the position. He finished with 22 goals. I was expecting a windfall from the board but got nothing, only £22m!
  2. Haven't managed to download this yet so i don't know what it looks like...what is the formation and basic principles of it?
  3. In fairness mate, you haven't played any of the big boys away from home in your streak...still very impressive though, hope you catch Chelsea.
  4. I've found the tactic seems to struggle specifically against the 4-2-3-1s that Man Utd and Chelsea employ. I've won the league 2 years running with Liverpool so its gone really well but i always struggle against these 2 and their formations
  5. I'm desperate to give this tactic a go but i'm waiting until the end of my second season. I don't want to start mid-way through a season, probably not fair on the tactic anyway. Could Kovacic play the AMC (Treq) role?
  6. finished my first PL season with Liverpool Won the league with 95 pts and five defeats. Scored 83 and conceded 33. Probably would have been more but out of my last 5 games i had consecutive away games at Utd, Everton and Chelsea and lost them all. The board are happy obviously but also with the attacking football it produces. My strikers struggled to an extent. Sturridge was my top scorer in the league with 17 and he played 36 games. I think that is more down to this ridiculous system they have to keep scores down and prevent you from finishing CCCs. Suarez was my top rated striker with 7.12. I've signed Reyes, Ginter, and Montoya for my second season. Great tactic Mr Hough.
  7. does anyone have any ideas how i can combat United's 4-2-3-1 with this formation. season has been going well (pl 15 - w 11 - d 3 - l 1), 4 game winning streak, defence only conceded 9 so far. I play Moyes' United (who are ridiculously overpowered btw) and i hit a massive roadblock. They pass through me at will. They are ahead 1-0 and 2-1. I then took the lead 3-2 and quickly switched to Counter but they equalize within seconds 3-3. They take the lead for the final time and see out the game 4-3. i'm only watching extended highlights so i appreciate the limitations but it seemed that everytime they got the ball they walked through me and scored. they didn't even play Rooney!! Is there any way to combat this? Also looking for a way to combat City who pressed me to death for 90 mins, by the second half i couldn't get out of my half. EDIT: Just want to say as well thanks to Mr Hough for his hardwork. Thanks mate, you're making the full game playable for the casual gamer.
  8. My laptop (HP with 8GB) is only 12 months old and has loads of spare memory. Whenever i start a game on it the games performance always reads 1.5 stars and that is with a small database. Medium database and above and its 0.5 star performance. Is there anything i can do?
  9. I've made a promising start with Liverpool in the PL. 6 games, 5 won, 1 loss (City away 1-2). Besides the slight weakness in defence i've noticed that the strikers don't seem to get good ratings or score very much. I have Sturridge on the right cutting inside and Suarez on the left also cutting inside. Does it work better with right footers on the right etc?
  10. Tried the FOB set with Liverpool. I did the huge pre-season thing and made 2 decent signings (Alex Sandro and Honda). Pre-season went well and the players were fit and ready to start the season with good morale. Got thumped 4-1 by Everton (A) first game. Got beaten 1-0 at home to Cardiff in the 2nd game. Gave up after that
  11. When i downloaded it i only got the control tactic - how do you get the counter version?
  12. Just wondering if anyone had any advice about trying to get one. I'm Liverpool in my fifth season and we are doing very well (thanks to some of the tacticians on this website). Very successful, full houses, always have about 20-30m of the transfer budget left at the end of the season, always within wage structures very easily but the board keep telling me there is no money to do this. I have expanded to include both Japanese and Chinese teams as affliates. Hoping to make more money and expand our reach. I'm aiming for an MLS team next. Will this make a big difference? At the moment only Man Utd have a greater financial worth, thanks to recent success. Do you guys have any tips?
  13. I'm interested to try this one since i have been having great success with andrefanta's 3-5-1. What attributes should i look for when buying full backs? More attack minded?
  14. I'd be interested to see how that goes for you. I'm no tactical expert but i would think with a 5 man midfield and a DM behind them it is going to get very congested in the middle if you also make your wingers inside forwards. Of course that may be slightly different if you move your wingers forward as someone suggested earlier in the thread. I'm now in season 4 so i've had alot of transfer windows to build up a squad. To solve the 5 man midfield issue (from he opposition) i think you need alot of good CMs. I play the very attacking CMs against the smaller teams and the more combative CMs against the bigger teams. I think its also essential that you get the best striker possible. I have Falcao and he has been doing fantastic. He scores a hell of alot of goals with his head from crosses. I think that means that while you do need someone who is competent running with the ball you also need someone strong and good in the air. The best finisher possible to score those rare chances you get in those tight games.
  15. Thats true mate. It still ended up as a close race. I had alot of injuries during this season as well so that may have had a big influence. Still finished 2nd and got to the semi-finals of the Champions League.
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