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  1. Hey Fenech, i know you're working on the 2015 version now but will you still be releasing the updated 2014 version by any chance? Cheers mate.
  2. Cheers Fenech for looking at the players I suggested. I think from memory Cahill and Kewell were done hence why I didn't list them, not sure about Mark Viduka though. If you wanted to add three more Australian players you could add: Peter Wilson, captained the Socceroos to their first world cup Also the late great Johnny Warren and lastly Craig Johnston who was Australian, 190 caps for Liverpool Loving your file so far, doing well with Ajax, the youth is immense...
  3. Hey guys, Are you able to make some Australian players included in the database? Most likely as free agents though as the old NSL died off (The clubs aren't active in FM anymore). If you have some spare time, here are some players! Lucas Neill - Former West Ham and Australia captain Brett Emerton - 247 games for Blackburn and 95 caps for Australia Alex Tobin - Another former Australian captain and 87 caps, FFA Hall of fame Paul Wade - 84 caps for Australia, FFA Hall of fame Tony Vidmar - 76 caps for Australia, 104 caps for Rangers Damien Mori - Second highest goalscorer for the national team, 334 career goals John Kosmina - 60 games and 25 goals for Australia, FFA Hall of fame David Zrillic - 25 goals for Australia John Aloisi - Graham Arnold -
  4. Is it possible to change Arsenal's stadium to Highbury? Just an idea, not sure how much of an effect it will have financially though.
  5. Is it possible to get this working on Mac? I've only just become a Mac owner for the first time so probably a noob question haha. I don't know how to access the program files.
  6. What happens in a testimonial that doesn't happen in a normal friendly though? Players come back or?
  7. When I saw this thread I was so happy! Can't wait for your packs again this year and Happy Birthday!
  8. When I get FM this week I'll be playing as an A-League club so I'll let you know how I go... On where you should post, probably the bugs thread but see what the moderators do!
  9. That's pretty good. I'll prob use them to get my Mac version.
  10. Getting a MacBook Pro 15 inch (second best model) next week. Can't wait to get FM on it.
  11. So will FM work just as good on the new MacBook Pro's? Especially the cheaper 15 inch with 2.0 Ghz, 8GB memory?
  12. I'm waiting for my Macbook Pro to arrive so judging my these comments I should be able to play FM as well which is great! I may look into getting a cooling mat.
  13. Ah okay. What if I "save as" and re-name it? So it's kind of like a new editor file?