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  1. i need a long term replacement for couthino in the egnache role... any thoughts? looking for someone under the age of 24 with good teamwork, work rate and stamina.
  2. as statted above i have just got fm 2013 today and one thing has surprised me. The general PA of players seems alot lower this time around. Even if their stats are good. I mean a 145-160 PA is a pretty good player this time around? Prem League ready. For example i look at jordi clasie just now, his ststats were superp. His PA is . Is that the way its meant to be? PA less importasnt this time around?
  3. ok so i have just picked up fm 2013. tradition is tradition and for the 15th year in a row i choose liverpool and begin so first question. how the hell do i get luis suarez scoring? i play 433. i moved sturridge over in the editor. i am wanting to use Borini suarez and sturridge. help plz?
  4. feel like this needed a bump. i am offering carroll, adam, downing, shelvey, cole, aquilani, kelly and god knows who else all for £0 and getting no offers. its stupid and highly unrealistic. i offer some of my most talented regens on loan (offering to pay all wages myself) and get no offers. please get this fixed oh and i am in my 2nd season, jan transfer window.
  5. FM10: Mamadou Sakho

    well i *think* i am getting him for 15m + Benayoun + Mikel San Jose. 5mil upfront 10mil over 48mnths. Hopefully he is worth it
  6. What the hell... I got us to the champions league final where i lost 2-1 to barcalona. Second in the league and i get the sack???? (in the first season). That seems wrong... i have never been sacked before... quite frankly im offended!
  7. Just been offered Van De Vaart in a straight swap for ryan babel... should i do it? I already have left wing sorted and i need a good back up for stevie. First season atm. Got Jovetic and James Rodriguez for my left wing.
  8. well got about 8 games into my first season. First 2 games out the hat... Everton Away / Man U at home. Not a nice learning curve that, lost both matches. After that won 5 prem matches on the trot and won 2 CL group matches ( did get a rather nice CL draw of AZ / Kiev / Mac Haifa ) One of the first players i picked up was James Rodriguez of banfield. Guy has been sensational! He is only 18 but scored 4 goals in 5 games due to an injury crisis i had to play. The best part is when you watch on the 3d match engine and he just skins defenders haha. Anyway, 1 point of the top of the league, its now 5.30am... I have missed you football manager .
  9. how on earth do you sign anybody in the first season? I cant sell anyon worth anything? I have had a 3m bid for jovetic + voronin and dossena accepted but i dont even have the 3mil! Had to sell pacheco to spurs for 1.2mil to raise funds for jovetic. Got a buy back clause in for pacheco though for 5mil. Should be able to afford that by the time he becomes good.
  10. well the best rating i have got back so far has been Pato 3.5 stars. I am guessing that is my scouts version of 5 stars lol. Makes it more exciting i guess. I gotta look at the stats and decide for myself anyway.
  11. Are the scouts useless? I mean i have got them to scout some of the recommended players on here and they come back with same 2 1/2 star rating for pretty much everyone. Even players like Salvio from lanus who is regarded as a -10?
  12. alright people, its been a while! Missed out on fm09 due to life but back for 2010 and looking forward to many a night looking at the tactics and playes forums. So Liverpool have been well and truley shafted this patch. What do people do at the start of the game? Generally players to sell / buy? My general style is to buy young ish players and give them a chance to shine. However with 2m i dont even think i can do that. I am updating to 10.2 as we speak, does the 2m figure change? Few questions on players: Is Lucas worth keeping? I like him irl and would like to see him become the hub of my team. Insua as above Glen Johnson any good? Agger / Skrtel - Does the partnership work? Best wingers WITH TEAMWORK AND WORKRATE in the game? I always look for players with good teamwork and workrate since thats the way i set up my tactics, which of the top players are good in this area? (fututre and current). Thanks for any help