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  1. Have to say don't like the 50 limit. After all it's not about how many players you can scout, but rather how many players you can put in the queue. I don't mind if the scouting would take a month, but the fact that it's been made so that you have to make pointless clicks.. well thats just pointless. -SnUrF
  2. I'm sorry, this has nothing to do with the topic.. The rest made me lol and have to thank the two of you for that -SnUrF
  3. I had a 4141 with CM(A) who i wanted to go directly to goal. So no channels there. -SnUrF
  4. Mez(A) with instructions for more pressing and harder tackling perhaps? Or just good old CM(A) with again some PIs. -SnUrF
  5. Try putting Your striker to FCL position. -SnUrF
  6. I'm going for the DVD. Sadly this means I'll miss the beta like last year, but can't have it all. -SnUrF
  7. Not sure if this has any impact on the matter, but all your screen shots show match preparation set on teamwork instead of match tactics.. -SnUrF
  8. I'd go with CM(D) & DLP(S) without the PIs, see how it goes and then if need be try some PIs. -SnUrF
  9. Probably just me (and I've probably asked this before, back in the days of sliders), but with the 'three point sliders', which comes first TI of PI? As in, if the value X=-1 with a range of -1...+1 (for X), you take the -1 first and then +1 you end up with 0, but with +1 first and -1 then you end up with value of -1. But then again if you take the -1 with the +1 in () then it doesn't make any difference (soz for the math) -SnUrF
  10. For the PPMs, I believe Austin has 'tries to beat the offside trap'. But anyways I've got this feeling you're talking about PKMs -SnUrF
  11. I'm gonna start and hand it over to someone else then so.. Did you watch the matches? What else happened than the obvious that they scored and you didn't? Did the players do what you expected of them? How did the opposition score? why didn't you score? -SnUrF
  12. When everything else fails, report it as a bug BOOM ;D Or wait for someone smarter than me to give the right answer here -SnUrF
  13. Yet in the second picture above his value it says "On trial with Man Utd" BOOM ;D But any ways perhaps as Cougar suggested. E: Or perhaps not -SnUrF
  14. He seems to be on trial, could it be about staff responsibilities. Perhaps your HOYD or someone got him on trial? -SnUrF
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