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  1. 12.0.3 and 12.0.4 have both been released via steam
  2. drunkpunk

    The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Glad I remembered to set Steam in offline mode
  3. Really like the ability to set an overall team talk with individual talks.
  4. drunkpunk

    Too many stickies

    Agree with this. The Atcitivation thred should stay though, might be locked but still relevent. Already a link for the Fm 2011 FAQ higher up on the page.
  5. Really like the look of the Skin Colours page. Some handy options there.
  6. drunkpunk

    REM call it a day

    I was also gutted and at the time shocked by the news. I really reget not getting to see them live. One of bands that began to shape my musical taste. Last few albums might not have had that the instant love which the albums in the middle of the career had but after giving them plenty of listens over a long period of time I managed to greatly enjoy them. Going to really miss not having new R.E.M. stuff coming out. Hopefully Mike Mills will do some solo stuff.
  7. I picked release day since there is no option between Release Day and Final Patch. Providing the demo plays okay will probably be either release day or a few days after. Thinking this year I won't bother with a boxed copy and just get one of those download steam codes.
  8. I'll most likely buy the game since for last two versions I've played via Steam (after buying a boxed edition). For anyone who is lost through the decision to make steam only I find that being sad. I think we had it best over the last couple of editions with being able to choose to have the disc in or install via Steam. I don't think the decision will impact on piracy much at all. I doubt their will be a sizable drop or increase in piracy. This is because people who want a game for free won't pay and will pirate, whist people who want the genuine item will pay for it or simply not buy it (sure a few extra people may well turn to piracy). I can understand the hope from SEGA/SI that this will initally prevent piracy and hopefully those extra couple of days before it is pirated will have enough sales to outweigh the loss of existing customers. I just personally don't think it will. I can't imagine a person who was planning on getting a pirate copy suddenly thinking "oh those 2 days are going to kill me, I cannot wait so I will just buy the geniune version," just don't see that happening. Again I feel sad that one single FM player will be lost because of switching to steam only. I personally don't mind steam that much. But if we had option of no DRM, no steam, etc and just install and play without needing a disc in I imagine virtually all FM players would choose this option and it does suck that we can't have that. I know steam can be a pain at times. Especially when you've forgot that you left it in online mode, come back to your computer when your internet is down and you're stuck with a game you cannot play... that is very annoying. I've taken to setting steam to start in offline mode incase my internet is ever down. I do hope SI/SEGA stick a great big fat notice of instructing people how to start steam in offline mode.
  9. drunkpunk

    A thread where we discuss films

    I really enjoyed this when it came out but it seems a lot didn't due to expecting a lot of monsters. Could have done with a different title.
  10. drunkpunk

    Introduce me to some podcasts.

    Agree with this. Very addictive listening. I listened to episode 81-180 in speedy fashion
  11. drunkpunk

    A thread where we discuss films

    Watched Colombiana earlier and rather enjoyed it. It is nothing amazing but is rather fun to watch in that "turn your brain off" kind of way. Zoe Saldana looks amazing and her action scenes were all good. Felt the supporting cast was really underused sadly. 6/10
  12. drunkpunk

    The all new Doctor Who thread. - Geronimo!

    Was thoroughly bored during The Girl Who Waited. Such a let down after last weeks episode. For the most part have been let down by this series. Only 2 really good episodes for me (The Doctor's Wife and Night Terrors) with the rest ranging for very average to just downright poor. The concept for this episode was really good and could have been genuinely interesting. I sat wondering "am I really meant to care about these characters anymore" a few times when I should have been caught up in the emotions of the characters. The Handbots were brilliant and the idea of having a place with the "best bits of everywhere" as a holiday destination was great. 5/10 for me
  13. drunkpunk

    PC or Mac? Disc or Steam?

    Don't forget if you buy the Disc version you can just install it with steam. I've done this for 2010 and 2011 as its usually cheaper to buy the disc, but Steam is more convenient for usage than having the disc in the drive all the time
  14. Was surprised to see this as a 320 Kbps bitrate, bit excessive for a podcast
  15. Great start to the new series of the podcast. Shame it isn't weekly though. Really needs a proper jingle for feature roulette