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  1. That could be it, pretty sure I did load with the most uo to date database. I'll start up a new one, thanks.
  2. Dennis Bergkamp was included twice in the Arsenal team which was off-putting as both would play every game. Also agree on players having stats that are too high but I love the concept, it just needs refined a little.
  3. My main issue with the poor longshots isn't that they happen, but that I know exactly when they are coming just a few seconds into the highlight. The lead up to these poor long shots all tend to follow a similar pattern, a few different animations are required i think. I shouldn't be able to predict the outcome of highlights so easily.
  4. seanDCFC

    Strange AI decision

    Mourinho decides toward the end of this game to play Lukaku at CB and they had no reason for doing this, they had the required players on the field to play everyone in their correct position. Fosu-mensah can play CB, pogba CM, Fekir CAM and Lukaku up front. I get a second goal after the screenshot and it was largely due to Lukaku being at CB and not marking so it did influence the end result. Crystal Palace v Man Utd.pkm
  5. Pretty much the same thing as the Man City player offered wouldn't be worth 0.
  6. Man city as they offered that amount and it was rejected.
  7. In the current market mahrez is definitely worth 90 million plus, also mahez > Lukaku.
  8. 5-4-1 OK, so the 5-4-1 has turned out to be a good formation overall. Finished 4th but with a bit of luck could have been champions. As you can see 19 goals conceded in 34 games is incredible, this formation is definitely rock solid and suits this squad as I feel good wingers to be crucial to make this work effectively. I think with a better quality striker I could have won some trophies. With this formation you don't create much but generally what does be created tends to be clear cut, as the AI doesn't seem to deal with wingers very well in this system. I was unlucky in the Europa league to draw Arsenal in the 1st knockout round and lost on away goals and got pumped in the Pokal semi by Bayern. The top performers are below, The wingers Clemens and Bittencourt were exceptional and Praet was a top signing.
  9. seanDCFC

    Will there be a patch in Feb?

    Probably March and I think they update data and do bug fixes in that one, you'll be able to continue your save after update.
  10. Post a screenshot of the tactic.
  11. Try this, haven't conceded a corner this season so far. I didn't create this btw.
  12. I've got a start on this and preseason went very well, this formation is unsurprisingly very solid defensively and I'm going with this tactic - Preseason went very well, winning all games and conceding none. Hopefully it will continue like this in the competitive games. For my transfers I decided I needed more creativity in midfield so bought Praet and wanted another quickish CB so loaned Bonifazi and I went a bit weird with my other signing Cahill but I think he could work out well in this system.
  13. The frequency of certain animations for the missed one on ones i see need re-evaluated. Most of these shots are frequently missed so horribly in these situations, strikers with great finishing / composure missing clear one on ones by so much shouldn't happen as frequently as it currently does (although should happen sometimes of course). It would be better if we seen keepers making more saves in these scenarios or the shots hitting the post or going just wide would help.
  14. Looks like a cool challenge, can I get in on this?
  15. seanDCFC

    FM18: Chelsea FC

    I just use the default instructions for hazard, he goes narrow and deeper to get the ball with this role. I've tried other roles for hazard but I've had the best results with advanced playmaker.