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  1. Originally Posted by high_and_mighty View Post patch 11.3 it`s a bad joke from SI : - passing is awful , all passing go on the back of the player , the player has to turn for the ball , no matter if you play direct or short pass - the players are crossing like they didn`t eat for the last week ,no power in crosses, this patch can`t make the difference between drill and float strange, im celtic and the crossing is a lot better than it was
  2. after hour or so on it im happy enough. match engine seems a lot better, my wingers are playing like wingers at last and i managed to sell some bloke for more than double his value after offering him out. cheers si. but please try and keep this stuff in fm 12 and not do the usual slipping backwards thing, ta
  3. goat10

    south wales senior league division 1

    all the ones ive used are just regens. still weird seeing cogan and llantwit major in the game
  4. goat10

    8th March Patch

    or use one of the 100s already done
  5. goat10

    January 2011 databse update for FM2010???

    meh ill just link it http://www.centrumfm.org/plik-293,Centrum_FM_Shortlistpack_vol1.html ive noticed it makes sweden unplayable for some reason so if you like sweden its not for you
  6. goat10

    January 2011 databse update for FM2010???

    are you allowed to post links to other fm sites ? if you are i just found an update
  7. goat10

    Football Manager 12

    seems a lot of dummy spitting over something that can be included as just an option in the same way you can tick a little box to let your assistant do the pointless stuff like talking to the press
  8. goat10

    Nikola Zigic breaks FM

    so a 6ft 5 striker with jumping 7 can and will be beaten by a dwarf with 15 ?
  9. after reading this i gave 08 a go and im amazed how much better the match engine is than fm 11. wingers can cross, strikers can win headers and stay in the middle, defenders can defend etc. if i could find an update for it id be happy to give up on being asked the same questions over and over and players having a strop over nothing
  10. kinda does. if you take the info that its out end of feb - start of march you can see its almost the start of march, therefore its almost ready
  11. simple look at a calender should be enough of a help.
  12. i never use steam so have no idea but..... does steam do this often and did it do it when the previous patches were close?
  13. seriously just let them take as long as they need, if si did this in the first place there wouldnt be such a big need for patches