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  1. SI are Very smart!

    Funny, I had a similar feeling about the licensing rights and the logo packs. It seems to me SI have come to rely on the community to get the logos, jerseys, faces, etc. into the game rather than paying licensing fees to include the stuff themselves (incidentally that would cost them even more, cause then they'd have to do the work to actually create the imagery). If you look at the FM over the years, it seems it has less and less licenses each time around. Annoying because it takes away from the sense of realism...
  2. I agree, better Steam integration would be nice. The ability to join a friend's game through Steam rather than having to mess around with router settings or use hamachi would be excellent. FM doesn't really seem to be making much use of Steam at the moment other than the achievements. Online play through Steam is an obvious candidate, in fact I'm surprised it's not already in FM yet. Also, press conferences tend to get repetitive really fast... Better, more varied questions and much better answers please. Incidentally, while were on the topic, why is there no news items on whats said in press conferences? When playing a network game, it'd be nice to see what your rivals/friends say in their press conferences. Otherwise it's pretty pointless. Last one, please increase the team talk options.... I hate "For the Fans!"... it's ridiculous... and there's no way anyone in real life would say that for the majority of matches (as recommended by assistants...) The other options are exactly that great either... a wider range of feelings and comments would be nice.