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  1. I just can't get any kind of consistency with these tactics. I guess it's just because the sides I'm managing aren't that good though. I was sacked at Rangers after finishing second using the 4-2-3-1 system and I'm hit and miss at Tranmere and currently sit 14th (which isn't bad given the media prediction). I think I'm just used to unrealistic game-breaking tactics whereas this one is a good solid tactic but, if the players aren't great, it won't perform miracles. I prefer it that way, to be honest - it makes achieving success that bit sweeter. Thanks for your work.
  2. Is it just me, or does the quality of your players actually have more of an impact on results than in previous versions? In the past, once I've stumbled across an effective tactic or applied one created by another user, consistent success has kicked in and even average players perform brilliantly. This year, despite using tactics with which other players have achieved great things (albeit with better teams), I just keep plodding along and performing pretty much in line with the ability of my squad. I'm not saying this is a bad thing at all, I just wonder if game-breaking tactics aren't as common this time around. Or are there crazy bonkers unbeatable League 2 sides getting multiple promotions and winning the CL in 2020? Hopefully I'll maintain my 16th place position with relegation favourites Tranmere Rovers and that will constitute success.
  3. Is there a guide for the Create a Club feature? I was hoping it would be a bit more intuitive. The kit selection screen, for example, is confusing because you can't actually see the shirt during the design process. Likewise, the relationships option - I assume the 100 is a level of like / dislike but it isn't explained and why can't you just select the rival club etc. from a drop down menu rather than type it in? This could be very cool but, for someone entirely new to the editor element of the game, it's quite confusing.
  4. I found that FM14 was unrealistic in terms of job offers, or rather a lack of them. There were many times when I was overlooked for jobs when I was far and away the strongest candidate. I declared interest in jobs and applied for them but, even when I was unemployed, I wasn't considered. Has this been addressed in FM15?
  5. No. I'm RMP in Belgian league with no cash so no major changes in the squad. I won 6 games between September and April, but my great pre-update start saw me through. I tried tweaking but to no avail. I've since changed to a new tactic and won four in a row.
  6. It's been tough though. I've now had two wins in 19 since the update. From top to 13th!
  7. I say my form has nose dived, but in actual fact it's probably just become realistic. I was top of the Belgian Pro League with RMP before the update (predicted 16th), although I was only about 6 games in. Nevertheless, the struggles I've had of late probably just reflect the realities of my squad. The tactic was almost too good!
  8. Which team are you managing? My Belgian club side's form has nose dived.
  9. Has there been an update? My season was going brilliantly, but now it's gone to crap. Has the update wrecked the effectiveness of the tactic?
  10. Don't worry - I'd inadvertently created a shortlist with 30,000+ players on it! Duh!
  11. I've told my Personal Assistant to filter agent offers so agents never contact me, but I'm getting loads of notifications about players I have no interest in (they've never been scouted or shortlisted). How do I prevent my inbox being filled with unwanted messages? Thanks
  12. You'll be back. You'll find the right club and be obsessed again.
  13. This game is crazy when it comes to getting jobs. I had won three consecutive league titles and two consecutive European Cups with Newcastle and then, when I resign, no one wants to touch me with a barge pole. Turned down by Spurs, Milan, Sampdoria - even Serie B Parma! No big club offers in two seasons! Mental bug of sorts. :confused:
  14. I recommend Totalfootballfan's tactic. It's in the post entitled 'Unstoppable! Two quadruples in a row!' in the Tactics Sharing Centre. He's designed about 8 versions but I've always stuck with V4. I started using it in my third season at Newcastle and went on to win the title and the Europa League. The following season I won the title again and the Champions' League. Read the opening post carefully and follow his instructions to glory.
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