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  1. You create a manager with the name you wish as well as a generate a face using a photo from the internet of your chosen ex player. Add their dob and place of birth their international caps and goals etc. In the edit add their favourite clubs - I tend to add all their ex clubs. On the right it says “supporter” change this to ex player this way it links you in the game with these clubs. Eg if you were playing as Philip lahm ( as I have chosen to do currently) I have added on Bayern with the hope that when I am ready I shall get the top job there. You can also edit the clubs information and make
  2. this is due out Friday am I right in saying? I haven't missed it already have i ?
  3. I have been thinking this - but not sure just incase there are any data updates for Friday - Henry to Monaco etc
  4. I use it to give a history to my manager - where I usually become a former player who isn't in the DB. So I give him former clubs as a player, international caps, fav staff as well as link them to any clubs they may be an icon to - just to give my manager more realism
  5. I like to start unemployed as a former star and see what jobs come up
  6. Well in Sept 2021 I have made a triumphant return to Serie A - having resigned from Arsenal - Fabrizio Ravanelli takes over the vacant Position at Champions Ac Milan as Carlo Ancelotti goes to Barcelona. My manager The squad I inherit Although from the outside it doesn't look the best - its quite well balanced - although we are in need of a Defender and Striker (as Wellbeck is going to return to Arsenal ASAP)
  7. Well I have returned and within 2 weeks was offered the vacant national job - which I am undecided to take and run along side - My thoughts on this season is to purchase a New CB I am looking at Wesley Hoedt who is at Man City in the game and keep Falcao to tutor the younger forwards. But the key will be blooding the younger players this season. I wont be signing any other players unless they can offer the experience to bring on the youth. I shall show you my team when i am next on.
  8. Yeah sure - this is the team on the last game of the season where we won the league. Transfers my squad
  9. well I moved and I am top of the EPL.....Life should be great....But there is no excitment I am missing Serie A and my Championship winning Atalanta Team.... Although 6 months have passed and FabRav is doing well in England, may have to reload the save after just clinching the title.
  10. I have moved to Arsenal - the lure of a bigger club was just too great for how I play the game (build my reputation and climb the ladder). I have the Atalanta game saved just after we won the league so If I have a change of heart i shall reload that and get stuck in to our title defence
  11. Well it does your right and Atalanta to Arsenal is probably the right career move - which is what this is trying to replicate
  12. Ahhhh i have been offered the Arsenal job! Not sure what to do it is a career save so it would be the best move for it but the romantic side of me is telling me to have a season with my Atlanta side in the champions league.....i could always do both i suppose lol
  13. Capone is a good player he is going to be in my team in my next season
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