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  1. You can move this player to your Reserve Team and then take him back to the First Team.
  2. This might be helpful:
  3. I cannot run the editor in windowed mode. When I try to do it in options menu, my screen goes black and nothing happens. Any ideas?
  4. I have the same problem. The game hasn't updated to the full version yet. I have done everything what foghbabz has said. This is ridiculous...
  5. I also have the problem. Does it matter that I am not from the UK?
  6. Christian Benteke, James Forrest, Ángelo Henríquez, Patrick Herrmann, Kevin Strootman, Jores Okore please
  7. I thnik FMRTE can help you.
  8. I am in the end of 2012 and he still is in Man City Reserves
  9. Estudiantes (LP) 1 - 2 Arsenal (me) Impressive display but not many goals scored for my side.
  10. I would like to have a possibility to prepare some options just before the match gets started. For example, if my team concedes a goal, the tactics changes the way I set before the game (e.g. to more attacking-minded). Or if I score a goal, my team tries to waste time automatically. Sorry for my English, hope you understand me And by the way - when is the next blog coming out?
  11. I'm playing as Manchester City and have been having great results with home and away version of this tactic. I won Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup and Europa League in the first season. My lineup: Hart - Mongongu, Kompany, Lescott (scored 15 goals from the corners in the league), Richards - Toure, De Jong, Milner - Silva, Tevez - Dzeko (scored 31 goals in 35 games in the league). Great so far!
  12. The tactic from post #152.
  13. I have the same at Bayern. Some players don't have full stats shown.