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  1. regen faces for fm 07

    thats what i thought, although was hoping there was a away to get them, i know they arent great but its better than looking at a silouette in my opinion, but thanks for replying so quick:thup:
  2. ive recently installed fm 07 and was wondering is it possible to get generated faces for regens, similar to the ones in later versions of fm?
  3. cant install fm 07

    i tred using vista instead of windows xp and it seems to be installing now so fingers crossed, thanks again for your help.
  4. cant install fm 07

    now its saying 'installer unable to run in graphical mode,try running installer with the console or silent flag', what ever that means?
  5. cant install fm 07

    thanks for your help, im logged on as admin, how do i try compatibility mode?
  6. cant install fm 07

    there is no icon in the Games and no program file either.
  7. cant install fm 07

    yeah its at the end of the installation, i cant find anywhere to launch the game, it keeps going back to the installation wizard.
  8. i cant seem to install fm 07, im using windows 7 an its on a laptop if that has any affect on why i cant install, i keep getting this message when trying, any help would be appreciated
  9. Ive had a look and cant find any that work, im looking for a file which will allow me to manage lower than the current second division in northern irealnd, has any body come across one?, Thanks, Thomas.
  10. Regen Siblings

    i have a mexican regen on my save with the surname Dos Santos and he has jonathan dos santos as favourite personnel and has brazil as a second nationality the same as jonathan, although he doesnt have spanish as nationality, but maybe hes a regen brother or something?
  11. selecting leagues

    yeah it is a pain to load but i was just thinking if i could maybe have the same effect by doing this, it is good though the retain file i mean so ill probably stick with it
  12. selecting leagues

    well i have used the ultimate retain file by gillsminnow in other saves, but was just wondering if this would give me a good slection of players from all over the world while only having minimal leagues loaded so that it is not too slow
  13. ok so i have started a new game with at least one league selected from each continent, will this give me a good range of players in a season or two?
  14. yeah thats what i would like, as i have the same problem as you and this has prevented me from enjoying fm09 as i have rarely gone past season 2 or 3.
  15. he didnt say he didnt like playing the game, just not the matches and we all know that the matches arent the be all and end all of this game,there is tactics, buying the right players, building your team and backroom staff, studying the stats of players and matches. for me i like to get through the matches a quick as possible as it takes me ages to get from one matchday to the next because i do spend alot of the time looking for playersand working on my tactics and having a crap pc doesnt help much either, so all i really need to see is the results of matches and read the stats to see if i need o tweak something.