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  1. Trying one more time with the new patch....
  2. Chorley FC BSN 13/14 BSN League Table – Wild season, got off to a good start and then it got rocky real fast. Everything came down to the last day with alot of teams having a chance to grab the last playoff spot things went right for me and I squeaked in and won the play offs fairly easily. League graph – As you can see lots of cliffs and climbs. Cup run FA Trophy - Nothing much here lost after a replay in the first round. FA Cup – Wild run that had me taking on some heavy hitters and somehow scraping through, was a fun run during the poorest part of my season, crashed out in the second round. Chorley FC Squad – A lot of changes and random pickups here and there. No idea who I am going to keep yet was over wage budget most of the season want to reduce the footprint some next season. Transfers Finances Summary - The normal BSN numbers. Career overview: Season Position Division Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2013/14 5th Blue Square N Promoted via Playoffs
  3. Giving FM13 one more shot, hope I can stick with a save this time...Profile
  4. FC United 2013-14 - Blue Square Bet North Will be playing with the youth academy only rules also, should be a long painful save! Profile.
  5. Worksop Season Review (14/15) Table Graph Season Review: Prooooooooooomotion! Champions of the league and another fun season. Along with a new stadium and upgraded training facilities. Things got off to a strong start and we were at the top of the table all season and had a decent FA Cup run. No real negatives other than the low wage budget forcing me to use mostly youth contracts but it got the job done. Cups: FA Cup FA Trophy Team Info: Finances Transfers Squad Players: Ashby - S - Had a great season, has real tenacity up front and any seems to poke in anything that gets near the goal. Karius - GK - Another hot and cold season. Nanetti - M - Solid pick up was great at setting things up from the outside. McCarthy - S - Late find but looks solid. Next Season: Rebuild squad.
  6. Oh wow I had Hope Akpan I think in FM2010 awesome to see him in someones game.
  7. Ugh my wage budget is so damn low, was able to bring in only two decent players... Really worried about depth one injury and I am going to be a sad panda.
  8. Yeah guess I will be switching also, very odd since its never happened in the past lol.
  9. Wow I have no idea why they resized, looking into it now. Ok it seems its on imageshacks end, if you hold ctrl + +(on keypad) it will resize the pics, not sure why they did that.
  10. Worksop Season Review (13/14) Table Graph Playoff (I took the screens apparently one day late, what I get for hitting continue half asleep last night tried to get what I could but I missed the graph screen) Season Review: Great fun year, was attacking for 1st all season and had it for a few weeks then picked up a ton of injuries in early spring. But we held on and managed to make and win the playoff! Cups were nothing special but I did get better tactically, and by that I mean I just kicked it into the box and hoped my giant Ashby would get his head somewhere near the ball and he did quite alot. My board decided to take a massive loan to build a 6500 capacity stadium when we are lucky to have 400 show up to a game...I am going to be dieing under the weight of the loan. Having trouble signing players still. Cups: FA Cup FA Trophy Team Info: Finances Transfers Squad Players: Ashby - S - Stats - Found him sitting in my U18 when I was going insane not able to sign anyone a week before the season started, I dont really understand the new youth system I think he joined the team mid season or something, whatever the case he was a beast in the air and got alot of goals, however quite a few of them were useless... McGrath - M - Stats - Spotted FC United trying to sign this guy and I would have none of it, came in with my first transfer fee of FM2012 and hes paid for it already. Karius - GK - Stats - Not quite as good as I wanted, I think I might have to replace him soon. Next Season: More depth again, low wages.
  11. In a three way tie for first somehow late into second season, going to be a nail bitter, I think I am going to have to finish the season tonight.... Also if anyone has not noticed, the boards are much more open to request, very good change this year.
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