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  1. Regarding the ME: For me, player and ball movement is much more realistic, player actions are much less predictable and there are much more interesting things happening on the pitch. Yes, there are still bugs and problems, hell, every incarnation had those. But this engine will be the best ever. In fact, it already is. The whole game is a massive step forward - congratulations, SI!
  2. FM12, Worth the upgrade?

    The game is a massive step forward, especcially the interface has been improved a lot. The match engine is very similar to 11.3 though. I couldn´t go back to FM11.
  3. Changes to Scouting - FM12

    If a scout has perfect knowledge of a certain country, will every player of this country have a scout report? Or only the 5 players he specifically reports in the news message? If not, how else can we get the scout reports the scout has in his "perfect knowledge brain"?
  4. A Message On Football Manager 2012 Activation

    I live in Germany and I have played the game for many years now, heck, I even bought multiple copies the last two years (could not wait for the disk to arrive...). It would be extremely disappointing not to be able to play FM anymore! So: Could somebody from SEGA please clarify what happens if I buy a copy in the UK and try to activate it from Germany, please? Preventing people in Germany (and other countries?) to play the game will in effect mean you might loose more customers than you win by excluding the pirates...
  5. *OFFICIAL* Blog Feedback - Tactics

    WWFan, your explanations imply, that you can have different passing and dribbling settings for different areas on the pitch. Is that a new feature? Do we have this possibility when we design shouts or manually set tactic settings, too?
  6. Is England overrated?

    There are many player which show a significant performance difference in their club compared to the national team. Maybe there should be a hidden attribute for that, for example "Performance for national team"? A value of 10 would mean that the player performs similarly on both levels. Also, if I remember correctly, the hidden attributes (professionalism, important matches, consistency etc) of English players are much better than, say, their German counterparts. This has to be evened out a bit in my opinion.
  7. Dear SI: 2D match engine: Speed/"Frame rate"

    Now that´s funny and maybe an indication of the high tech software skorp is talking about: Because of this remark from Socdk I have now activated 3D in the preferences again and I can now watch the games in 2D (based on the 3D code it seems). Well, the pitch really looks extremely ugly etc, but now the game flows absolutely fine. No jerkyness whatsoever! I have now enjoyed a nice FM evening for the first time with FM09! Great! Haven´t tried to use the classic 2D with 3D acivated in the preferences, yet. But one thing is perfectly clear: This "2D classic" problem is not related to the hardware, otherwise my hardware would not be able to show a fluent game in the 3D-based 2D. Sorry SI, but it´s poorly coded. I am sure that you can fix it though!
  8. Dear SI: 2D match engine: Speed/"Frame rate"

    Just want to stress one more time that people without dual cores / HT also experience this problem, so it seems there might be multiple causes or the 2D problems. Please also take a look into this from a single core perspective!
  9. Dear SI: 2D match engine: Speed/"Frame rate"

    I don´t have a HT or Dual Core CPU, so at least in my case the 2D problems are not related to this it seems. Edit: BTW, there is now a thread in the technical issues forum about this: Link
  10. Dear SI: 2D match engine: Speed/"Frame rate"

    Skorp: The only Spec that I might miss is the graphics card, right? Is this relevant to the 2D match? While I think that your talk about new technologies etc is a bit strange when looking at our good old fashioned 2D match engine you of course have a point. And as I said, if FM09 just does more calculations and this can´t be changed, then I am fine with that.
  11. Has the 2D Classic Lag been fixed?

    I have raised this problem in the bugs forum. Maybe people who also have this problem can add their details: Link
  12. Dear SI: 2D match engine: Speed/"Frame rate"

    That´s right, Serpico. But please take a look at the details of some of the systems described in this thread, they are not all low-end computers. And please also notice that PaulC acknowledged that there might be a problem, and that we are talking about machines that could run FM08 without any hazzle. Now, if FM09 calculates things differently than FM08 and that´s just the way it is, I can live with that. I might play another game instead or at some point buy a new computer. I just wanted to know if this is recognized as a problem (it seems so, see above) and if there is hope for an improvement.
  13. Dear SI: 2D match engine: Speed/"Frame rate"

    So, we have a wide range of machines which have problems displaying the 2D (!) match, with homerjnick at the top end (2 gigs of ram etc). Almost everybody seems to be able to run FM08 without such problems. So, FM09 has problems to show the 2D match on some machines. Is this being looked into and possibly improved in a future patch? Otherwise I will probably stop playing FM for now until I have a new machine.
  14. Dear SI: 2D match engine: Speed/"Frame rate"

    Yes, and it was running absolutely fine, as all previous games from SI. Please remember, I am not talking about 3D here. Edit: Except for the graphics card I fullfill the specs, skorp!
  15. Dear SI: 2D match engine: Speed/"Frame rate"

    Yes, same here. For now, I can live with a not optimized 3D code. But at least I want to play in 2D without getting mad because of the stuttering. So, is this on the radar for further tweaking?