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  1. Just started an offline 'Unemployment Challenge' with my mate. Got a job in Brazilian Second Div, so going to give the box a try. I'll post back with how I get on and how the 'new patch' has affected it. Going with the basic settings in the first post and going to focus on getting in players that suit on free transfers. I did amazingly well with a wingers formation in a Partick Thistle save I had but the new patch has totally changed things. Are there any Shouts that you recommend for this? I quite like using the 'Hold On/Keep Possession' one mentioned in Mr. Hough's thread near the end of a game and also having an 'All out Attack' for the last 10mins when losing. Other than that I'll just be changing my strategy between Control, Counter and Defensive depending who I play.
  2. I'm having to have a proper re-think since the most recent patch. Took Partick Thistle to 2nd in SPL in my 4th season and thus into Europa League. Sold some of my most promising youngsters to give me money to develop club and squad but using same tactics that did me well, following the excellent advice from this thread after not playing FM since Fm 10, I now find myself 2nd bottom after being predicted to challenge for title. Same issues are appearing with my Colombian national team as well. I'll report back with any findings from what used to work to what doesn't work anymore.
  3. Very interesting read mate. What do you do regarding strategy within games? Do you play counter against everyone? I've been tinkering with this and playing Attacking at home vs weaker teams, Counter away to similar etc. Are you a fan of shouts as well? I've tried creating some to allow me to hold on to a lead, as this is a weakness in my current Jags game.
  4. Thanks for doing this. I read the OP but I'm glad someone simplified it for quick use.
  5. Could it then be the influence of the teamtalks etc?
  6. Is the corner cheat in this tactic? I thought Mr Hough said it wasn't, he just used a setup that delivers a more 'realistic' amount?
  7. We need to know more I think. The above quotes are totally contrasting.
  8. I've not really tinkered with the wizard version yet. I'm just so used to the old one probably!
  9. Why did you decide to do it with the wizard? I'm only asking as I'm sure you said earlier that you preferred the classic. Would it make any difference if I switched it to classic?
  10. Tweaking the striker options could be the way to fix it or maybe we just need to work out exactly which player attribute are required.
  11. Glad to see some tweaking options already. I'm hoping to get a 41212 and a 451 on the go. Should mean I'm covered for tactics either with squads with or without wingers. Although, it doesn't seem to be having the instant impact that the 4123 tactics did.
  12. You have to try to match the 45 game unbeaten run! Remember, as with all tactics, the players will need time to get used to it. I'd take them up on that guys! I heard they only drink Kristal!!!
  13. The guys have only just released their 41212 and already their is hassle for another one! Incredible! Thanks for your work guys. I'll let you know how I get on with the Mightly Jags. Are the set pieces etc done? Is it a 'plug and play' tactic? Are there any changes you made during matches to maintain a lead or push for a goal?
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