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  1. I had that affliction, yes, however now that I'm free of it, my team is free of troubles as well. I even beat Olympiacos 3-0 away from home. Edit: Oh not in real life, no, although I had other anxiety problems.
  2. YAAAAAAASS ! The tactics revision, contributed mostly by herne79, did pay out indeed. I lifted the title trophy! Here is the fixture following the tactical tweaks: As you could see, other than Groningen and PSV match where I was one man down, the team never conceded more than one, losing only once. Indeed, understanding the starting strategy better helped with cleaning up the "overinvolved" tweaks to ensure a more stabilized team in defence. Surely my full backs could no more support assists (my DR had 7 up to the point of tactical change), they did their primal job better than ever and that counts more than anything else. So, Vitesse Arnhem are the champions and I might look switching teams should offers arise. Oh, how I love you, Vitas. ^^ Thank you all.
  3. Failed yet again. WDDLL The form is inevitable. It's as if the AI is determined to derail the team no matter what. While my wide players fail to find the net, shoot it either out or in the face of the keeper, rival wide players keep tucking the ball into the corners like hot knife through butter. I really can't bear watching this anymore.
  4. In my replay of that match against Feyenoord, I had 4 clear cut chances, 3 woodworks and the match ended 2-4. I don't feel well. |:
  5. Just done that with the midfielder on the right center before you mentioned it. Things looking quite more positive now. Stern tests ahead.
  6. @herne79 That match was very CLEARLY due to going on the offensive way too much, I got hit in the back of the net by counter attacks for at least twice that match. Also I'm not very comfortable with converting two midfielders into CM(A)s because that would leave the midfield bare. I need to find another way around to my scoring impotency.
  7. @Cocu I was using them as Wingers 3 matchdays before, I wanted to resolve Target Man getting overwhelmed in the box, hence the role change. @Crazy_Ivan Weird thing is I've never experienced FM to be reflecting the exact rationale behind your thinking. You throw in some disconnected stuff into a tactic and they somehow work, true. I've never thought Control game meant higher defensive line to be honest. If so, I'll be tweaking there.
  8. Hiccup yet again. Since the layout above turned in hardly productive results, I changed the left and right central midfielders into CM(A)s and got smashed by Feyenoord at home 2-5. I need a solution to in-the-box population scarceness. I need some guys to be ready in the rooms of spaces within the box to take first time shots when my wingers whip or short-pass the ball.
  9. It's been a revival so far. AZ cleanly beaten on their own turf 0-2. Target man started to shine, Both wide AP's are directly involved in scoring whereas my RB in particular is putting in assists almost every match. Let's see how this fares.
  10. Being down to 10 men when it was still 0-0 in the first half, I totally dominated the last game with a thumping result of 5-0. Making changes that meant more sense with players roles' indeed proved effective. Still, the opponent was Zwolle and the fixture I opened this thread because of included a 4-0 win over them too. Anyway, this thing looks promising. Very much so. I'll keep you posted. Please advise if you spot anything contradicting.
  11. That's by far the most reasonable explanation I've heard through all these years to this. Thank you. @dankrzyz I'm not convinced at the "realism" part. If you ask me tweaking a Winger into an IF is a huge systematic change in a tactic. It totally alters the way you're looking to score and that is half the game. Still thanks a lot for your valuable insight. My problem with conceding seems like more demoralizing than the inability to score atm. I need to rectify that before anything else.
  12. In case of FM, I can not think AI being "divided and assigned seperately" for each opposing team. There is one AI and once it's found out how to crack your tactic, it devises that onto all other teams this way or that way. Otherwise it wouldn't explain a total meltdown of a tactic, I reckon. What you're, righteously, suggesting is what I am so annoyed about all this: Teams, I mean, managers do not tweak their formations once a year because opponents find a way in. If it's a good tactic it works somehow or else we wouldn't be talking about manager's trademark formations and playing styles -it feels so unrealistic that way.
  13. What you're suggesting is a positional tweak in tactic ? Does this conclude that my tactics have/had been cracked by the new year's eve everytime ? Edit: My problem exactly is the team's inability to score as before -despite the number of chances created- and conceding a high proportion of chances created against me.
  14. Well I'm -at least up to this sickness point- the highest scoring team of the league. Not one match without a goal. I'll give that a go.
  15. 1- Yes, but he never was the driving/prolific force of the attacks anyway. He just gets marked and that's what I want. 2- If full backs too late for the overlap, to an extent, yes, however I always had the BBM's surging into the penalty area for a low pass in mind (yet to succeed at that) 3- I generally conduct specific man marking on them. If the winger is highly hazardous, I ask for the closer BBM to be an additional marker.