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  1. I would always be more than willing to help out as a Turkish native staff, employ me please \o/
  2. Thanks. Now that you have mentioned TM, you need to see how Erling Haland fared throughout the season with that role:
  3. @FrazT Ooh that's nice to hear. I was particularly frustrated with fluctuating performance towards the end of the season though. Around February, I was only 6 points behind the leaders.
  4. Hello, I have qualified for CL in my second season at the helm with Swans. I am enclosing the table and my usual starting XI. Would you consider this an accomplishment or subpar given it's my second season (I finished 7th in my first)?
  5. Well, the thing is, with Very Fluid, I get what I see in real life matches - A winger chasing a man in our first third with players making better backups in case the defender in front fails to deliver the tackle. I have switched the Duties of Wingers with Full Backs now which gets me more men in the midfield defensively as well as offering a second route of attack other than overlapping flankers. They watch out for chances of through balls now too.
  6. Hey guys, I am playing a 4-4-2 (Attacking, Very Fluid) with a Normal defensive line and width, Higher Tempo and Close Down Much More, Run At Defence, Exploit Flanks, Look For Underlap. The roles and duties are: GK (Def) FB (Su) DefDC (Def) DefDC (Def) FB (Su) W.Mid (Att) CM (Su) CM (Su) W.Mid (Att) AF (Att) DLF (Su) I have Vitesse from Eredivisie and play in Europa League which got me facing Liverpool. The first match was about to be a huge success, but did not, as they came back tracking from 4 - 6 to beating me 8 - 6 th
  7. "Curtain comes down on Ligue 1" again and I get the ticket to Champions League. Stupid point losses against anti-tactic Angers, failing to win vs. Monaco at home equals to a title missed. Anyway, I am quite happy with the performance and I also should advise you to snap Abdulkarim Al-Qahtani for he is convertible to the kind of WBR this tactic makes better use of. At an "Awkward" level he made a total of 5 assists having arrived mid-season and one of those matches was where his low crosses caused the same guy to score two own goals. Also, one thing I have finally figured o
  8. Ok, halfway through my 2nd season in top flight with Auxerre. Check the kind of schedule I survived. I am on an unbeaten run following the Marseille match I highlighted. (I field my second eleven for cup matches, mind you, hence the mediocre performance)
  9. Lads who have recently downloaded the tactic I provided the link to, can you please share your experiences?
  10. I don't know why I didn't do this before. Here is the tactic. Full credits to Mr. Mourinho.
  11. By the way, after my 1st-eleven goalkeeper wanted to leave for Lyon mid-season, I bought Zaid Hortalin for € 2.8k. You read the price right. Didn't see a better bargain since the almighty bogus To Madeira.
  12. There we go. Became the champions with 74 points which is Auxerre's highes points accumulated record as well as 22 wins replicating the highest wins in a season (I actually was on the brink of breaking that record as well until 81st minute of the last match). At last, after so many versions of FM, I could establish a tactic that is effective from the first season for average teams too and does not break with version changes (at least for now). Le cheers ! P.S. League leaders in goals conceded and the second best after Ajaccio in those scored with one goal di
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