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  1. Yes, still the same formation, still the same roles and duties. See my end of the season table, there is a huge "0" under "Lost" column. ^^ I have signed a contract with Fiorentina before the end of the season. So I'll see how the tactic will fare in another team against far more competition.
  2. See my post-Defensive-Line-to-Slightly-Deeper performance in the SS attached. Conceded only once in the league after the change, still not lost once whole season. The other two goals came from Dortmund and they could only qualify on away goals while my team wasted no less than 3 one-on-one opportunities on their turf - simply, that's why I could not proceed further..
  3. Just qualified from Group phase of Champions League with Vitesse after trashing group leaders Monaco with a 4-1 win at home. It's like the only thing you have to adjust with this tactic is your defensive line's position depending on your rivals, your position in the competition etc.
  4. Check if you have Walter Gonzalez (Paraguayan) available on your db.
  5. Standard, Flexible. Gives you more chance of knowing your limits and fewer risks of being outclassed being a minnow and all. Edit: Snatched 2 draws from Monaco and Atletico Madrid. Lost to Sporting Lisbon because of 2 set piece errors despite owning them heavily.
  6. Ever since I have moved my defensive line to "Normal", I have been a winner, became Eredivisie champions and made my way into Champions League group stages by eliminating Dinamo and Legia respectively. However it's not a series of 1-0 or 2-0s anymore, I concede here and there however score in multitude.
  7. That's what worked after conceding 2 goals in a match from average teams.
  8. Regarding my previous post, my game gave yet another crash which has been troubling me for quite some time now. (I got like 4-5 setbacks because of that CTD) Replaying this time having noticed that an AMC of oppositions find a lot of space to fire controlled and powerful shots from the edge of the area, I pushed the defensive line higher. With the highest defensive line - I was just pissed and crazy - I defeated the crown challengers Ajax at their home 4-0. However the "trick" seemed not to work favorably in terms of defense against mid-table or weaker teams so I pulled it back to "Normal" and I was crowned the champions in the last game entering the finish line on a 4 match unbeaten run not conceding only once after doing that. Vitesse, Eredivisie champions in their 2nd season with MrMourinho's tactic, gentlemen. Applause. ^^
  9. Yet another nth season played in FM, yet another performance dip after winter break. It happens every year, every time, every game I've EVER played since which FM I do not remember. I got knocked out by Liverpool in Europa League, lost my title place to Ajax, having forgotten about how to win games completely. Series of draws one after another, awarding teams points otherwise I'd have crushed with ease. I even had opened a thread about this post-winter-break effect only to be lectured. What might I be doing to suffer a performance collapse after every winter break I have since like 10 years in REAL LIFE ? I am so pissed.
  10. Yeah SS stands for screenshot. (: I didn't play while experimenting. I just set the tactic and "went on holiday". So I don't really know what happened on the pitch, sorry.
  11. See SS for Tactic's general outline. It must be the same with your most updated one. I don't use OI's. They undermine your tactical soundness, me thinks. I tried almost all tactics here on different Mentality and Team Shape settings and your previous one was the best among them. It was shaky a bit but ever since I upgraded this season to the updated one, it worked wonders. Edit: I also use Defending/Attacking Corner set pieces from one of the guys here since they matter a lot - I don't remember who. It's slightly modified, that's all.
  12. That's my 2nd season with Vitesse. My first eleven (for comparative purposes): GK: Eloy Room CB(st): Victor Ramos CB(st): Nicolas Sanchez CB(c): Guram Kashia WBL(a): Charlie Taylor WBR(a): Maikel Van der Werff BWM(s): Sheran Yeini CM(s): Marvelous Nakamba CM(a): Navarone Foor AM(a): Nathan DLF(a): Walter Gonzalez The guys in bold are original Vitesse players.
  13. Into the first knockout phase of EL now whereas I am 4 points in front of Ajax, leading Eredivisie. I also unlocked the achievement of not conceding for 10 games in a row.
  14. With your latest update, I've been tearing down the league and Europa League (in my team's standards) now. Vitesse, top of Eredivisie with only 5 goals conceded after 13 games and 2nd after Lyon in Europa League where other contenders are Rubin Kazan and HSV. I smashed Rubin with a 5-1 win at home, pulled of another 3-0 away at HSV's turf but lost heavily at the hands of Lyon with a score of 3-0. I'm now into the replays of Europa League matches where I carry on after sending Feyenoord home with a humiliating 5-0 win over them. Team have gone nuts. Thank you.