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  1. "Curtain comes down on Ligue 1" again and I get the ticket to Champions League. Stupid point losses against anti-tactic Angers, failing to win vs. Monaco at home equals to a title missed. Anyway, I am quite happy with the performance and I also should advise you to snap Abdulkarim Al-Qahtani for he is convertible to the kind of WBR this tactic makes better use of. At an "Awkward" level he made a total of 5 assists having arrived mid-season and one of those matches was where his low crosses caused the same guy to score two own goals. Also, one thing I have finally figured out about the kind of striker (DLF(a)) you need that plays best with the tactic: Go for one with nice physical attributes Acceleration, Agility, Balance need to be at least 13. Plus he needs to be aggressive enough to be able to surge forward as he picks the ball deep. About PPMs, "Plays with back to goal" is the one you should go for while making your purchase or training afterwards. If you can add "Plays one-twos" to that (I am a huge fan of that) he'll be making pass&move plays thanks to his Acc-Agi-Bal combination of attributes enabling him to twist and turn effectively. "Moves Into Channels" is also a nice bonus if you have the chance. With such a prospective figure in mind, I loaned Pape Sané from Caen freshly relegated to Ligue 2, who ended up breaking the almighty Djibril Cisse's record of most goals for Auxerre with a whopping number of 27 goals at the end of the season, coming second only to Alexander Lacazette (29 goals). He was transfer-listed and his profile was so low level that the loan contract had a 300k buyout clause while his value was 5.75M at the end of the season.
  2. Ok, halfway through my 2nd season in top flight with Auxerre. Check the kind of schedule I survived. I am on an unbeaten run following the Marseille match I highlighted. (I field my second eleven for cup matches, mind you, hence the mediocre performance)
  3. Promoted to Ligue 1... ...Only to be 6th next season.
  4. Lads who have recently downloaded the tactic I provided the link to, can you please share your experiences?
  5. I don't know why I didn't do this before. Here is the tactic. Full credits to Mr. Mourinho.
  6. Using multiple accounts?
  7. Check your inbox, mate.
  8. By the way, after my 1st-eleven goalkeeper wanted to leave for Lyon mid-season, I bought Zaid Hortalin for € 2.8k. You read the price right. Didn't see a better bargain since the almighty bogus To Madeira.
  9. There we go. Became the champions with 74 points which is Auxerre's highes points accumulated record as well as 22 wins replicating the highest wins in a season (I actually was on the brink of breaking that record as well until 81st minute of the last match). At last, after so many versions of FM, I could establish a tactic that is effective from the first season for average teams too and does not break with version changes (at least for now). Le cheers ! P.S. League leaders in goals conceded and the second best after Ajaccio in those scored with one goal difference.
  10. I will PM you a link of what I am using right now. Edit: By the way, ALL credit goes to fellow Mr. Mourinho for this tactic. I might have tinkered here and there, nothing significant.
  11. Hello, An update from a new 17.3.1 game, halfway through the season: Can't get any better than this where media thinks I would be "fighting to avoid relegation". Plus, AJ Auxerre's finances are far worse than my previous team Vitesse.
  12. Yes, still the same formation, still the same roles and duties. See my end of the season table, there is a huge "0" under "Lost" column. ^^ I have signed a contract with Fiorentina before the end of the season. So I'll see how the tactic will fare in another team against far more competition.
  13. See my post-Defensive-Line-to-Slightly-Deeper performance in the SS attached. Conceded only once in the league after the change, still not lost once whole season. The other two goals came from Dortmund and they could only qualify on away goals while my team wasted no less than 3 one-on-one opportunities on their turf - simply, that's why I could not proceed further..
  14. Just qualified from Group phase of Champions League with Vitesse after trashing group leaders Monaco with a 4-1 win at home. It's like the only thing you have to adjust with this tactic is your defensive line's position depending on your rivals, your position in the competition etc.