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  1. [FM17] *Actually* Good Freekick Takers?

    I got Mehmet Ekici with Free Kick Taking of 18 and Curls Ball PPM however I fail to see his ability in action. That's why I opened this thread in the first place.
  2. [FM17] *Actually* Good Freekick Takers?

    Too expensive for me at the moment, but nice to know, thanks.
  3. Your top 5 FM17 players

    Charlie Taylor Charlie Taylor Charlie Taylor Charlie Taylor Enes Ünal
  4. We got the tools and in-game filtering for that matter, it's obvious how to filter out players with Free Kick Taking ability and, say, Long Shots >15 and see who is OK to do it. I got lots of players somewhat at that degree with PPM's supporting it but do not really see them freekicks flying in. Who are players who you use for direct-shot-on-goal freekicks that do actually score?
  5. Thank you for the tolerance, I doubt I will bother you again here. \O
  6. I have been nihilistly wasting my lifetime on CM/FM for 22 years now. For almost 10 years of series of FM though, I was a sorry loser. And that was until I fell in love with genius of Antonio Conte at Chelsea and eventually came across with the awesome tactic thread that sought after his game. For all preferences and variations there, I played/reloaded the same match over and over and noted down which version worked and not, and if the former for how long etc. In the end after a few tweaks of mine, MrMourinho's tactic seemed to work best - without the seemingly inevitable cracking of the tactic by AI ever happening to it. With Vitesse, champions in 2nd season, with Auxerre, bursting out of Ligue 2, champions in 3rd season in Ligue 1, the tactic screamed it was time that I gave my homeland favorites, Fenerbahçe, a shot with it - 'Twas the first time it would be tested with a team of high reputation, hence expectations. Fenerbahçe's RL squad of last season is composed of reputable names, problematic characters, also aging and/or slow. RvP, Emmanuel Emenike, Aatıf Chaecheoue, Martin Skrtel, Volkan Şen, Roman Neustadter, Miroslav Stoch to name a bunch. So first season was hit and miss, mostly trying to hold the team together, get them acquainted with the new tactic and plan the overhaul ahead. Anyway, Finishing TSL 3rd in my first season, having cut all deadwood mentioned above, I was fielding a team of which only 2 of 3 centrebacks and the goalie were familiar with each other in the next season, all other positions having been revamped. Following a bumpy first half of the season, with the start of the second half, I guess through team cohesion reaching a certain threshold, the team started to shine. I drew Bordeaux, Lyon and Liverpool respectively following my qualification from the group round of Euro Cup. All dead in the water now. *ahem* Proudly looking forward to the semi-final against Napoli, first, we needed to come up versus fierce local rivals, Beşiktaş, whom I had not defeated before. The team was able to win although I would swap whole eleven to keep my first choice of batch fresh the prior match to the derby, so I was quite sure that Beşiktaş would like to forget the upcoming match at my home turf as soon as it would be over. Naïve. How naïve. Anyway. Lineups: Not long after the first quarter of an hour had passed, the magic left foot of Talisca was in the works: Less than 2 minutes later, Martin Skrtel suddenly developed a deep loathe for Vincent Aboubakar's lean & muscular lower legs and imagined how he'd look like if they were chopped down. Breaking News - You get a red card faster than the referee himself following such grotesque performances: I NEVER take out attackers when I am down to ten men - I am even insensible enough to go with 2 centrebacks in a WB formation here and there - so, relatively more sensibly, I preferred to draw Ali Çamdalı - the BWM in the middle - back into the centre backs trio and left the midfield to Salih Uçan and Kerem Demirbay. Pretty much devastated in front of our fans in no less than 20 minutes, match was in cruise control of Beşiktaş and they were playing as they would like. If you allow Talisca to work his mojo, he does and does that viciously. OK now. Derby match. Down to 10 men. Trailing by 2 goals. What to expect? Not much. I keep two types of lone strikers in hand, one Enes Ünal, Tammy Abraham-like, physical guy or as his substitute quick, agile one like Carlos Fierro or Kylian Mbappe (loaned), vica versa. I have figured out that if one scores an average of 6.4/6.5, it means he's the type the rival countered in-game so I should substitute that guy for the opposite type warming the bench. And that was exactly what I did - or could do - following the oblivious feeling of the aftershock. So, since Enes had scored 6.5, I simply kept him by my side for the second half and allowed Fierro onto the pitch. 20 more minutes into the second half and I could not see much change - and to be fair, I did not expect much, maybe a consolation goal in minute 88 - still, I figured that the midfield was being bypassed quite easily and it was time for Kerem Demirbay (CM-A) to come off and somebody who could Orient-Express between two boxes would fit the bill, Andre Horta to act as a BBM in this particular case. Only a minute later, a glimmer of hope kindles. Ok that might happen. Now Beşiktaş will revert to a bus-parking style or shift gears up to harass me down before I could stick out my neck again but, hey, what is my all-teams-favorite left wing back Charlie Taylor doing behind the li- OOOOH ! That's where I scare off my 2-year-old daughter jumping off my chair and grunting like Uruk Hai. But hey, my baby is a brave girl so it takes another one to ensure she cannot sleep tonigh- WHAT DA- GOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGHHH !!!!11ONEONEONE Oh boy. OOOOOH BOY. I guess you cannot see the names in action so to make sure you get facts right. All 3 assists are half-time hero Carlos Fierro's. *** 22 years in and this game still makes me jump around the house like the acne-booming 24/7-masturbating teenager I was back then. I have left all family and job-related work aside and have been trying to compose this crappy wall of text and video for a couple of hours now and it's all because of the joy this beautiful game brings via "the beautiful game". I hope I did not waste your time but, heck, even if I did, it was great fun. Cheers !
  7. Well there hasn't been much left for me to tinker with. I'll see how this season unfolds.
  8. My freekick taker is a centre-back, so he contributes into that stat. Other than that, midfielders do not seem to hold back no matter what I do. I don't know if I should tick "Retain Possession" option but I am worried that that will detriment the team's ball control and eventually cause counter-attacks.
  9. Please see the SS of my tactic before anything else: In almost every match, I end up with 13+ shots of which at most 3-4 are on target. No matter how I limit my midfielders from refraining from taking shots, it doesn't seem to work and I am beginning to think I'd fare far better if I could limit those shots to situations that would eventually come up as clear-cut chances, or at least on-goal shots percentage to attain a level of 50% at least. Seeing the layout above, what would be your suggestions please? Thanks in advance.
  10. "Curtain comes down on Ligue 1" again and I get the ticket to Champions League. Stupid point losses against anti-tactic Angers, failing to win vs. Monaco at home equals to a title missed. Anyway, I am quite happy with the performance and I also should advise you to snap Abdulkarim Al-Qahtani for he is convertible to the kind of WBR this tactic makes better use of. At an "Awkward" level he made a total of 5 assists having arrived mid-season and one of those matches was where his low crosses caused the same guy to score two own goals. Also, one thing I have finally figured out about the kind of striker (DLF(a)) you need that plays best with the tactic: Go for one with nice physical attributes Acceleration, Agility, Balance need to be at least 13. Plus he needs to be aggressive enough to be able to surge forward as he picks the ball deep. About PPMs, "Plays with back to goal" is the one you should go for while making your purchase or training afterwards. If you can add "Plays one-twos" to that (I am a huge fan of that) he'll be making pass&move plays thanks to his Acc-Agi-Bal combination of attributes enabling him to twist and turn effectively. "Moves Into Channels" is also a nice bonus if you have the chance. With such a prospective figure in mind, I loaned Pape Sané from Caen freshly relegated to Ligue 2, who ended up breaking the almighty Djibril Cisse's record of most goals for Auxerre with a whopping number of 27 goals at the end of the season, coming second only to Alexander Lacazette (29 goals). He was transfer-listed and his profile was so low level that the loan contract had a 300k buyout clause while his value was 5.75M at the end of the season.
  11. Ok, halfway through my 2nd season in top flight with Auxerre. Check the kind of schedule I survived. I am on an unbeaten run following the Marseille match I highlighted. (I field my second eleven for cup matches, mind you, hence the mediocre performance)
  12. Promoted to Ligue 1... ...Only to be 6th next season.
  13. Lads who have recently downloaded the tactic I provided the link to, can you please share your experiences?
  14. I don't know why I didn't do this before. Here is the tactic. Full credits to Mr. Mourinho.
  15. Using multiple accounts?