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  1. I would always be more than willing to help out as a Turkish native staff, employ me please \o/
  2. Thanks. Now that you have mentioned TM, you need to see how Erling Haland fared throughout the season with that role:
  3. @FrazT Ooh that's nice to hear. I was particularly frustrated with fluctuating performance towards the end of the season though. Around February, I was only 6 points behind the leaders.
  4. Hello, I have qualified for CL in my second season at the helm with Swans. I am enclosing the table and my usual starting XI. Would you consider this an accomplishment or subpar given it's my second season (I finished 7th in my first)?
  5. I could loan Almamy Toure and Ruben Vezo while purchasing Nicolas Isimat-Mirin as well as signing Lukas Rotpuller on free, if you would be looking for suggestions who are willing to join The Swans.
  6. @Cuper By the way, I started my game with Swansea too with a few duty edits along with drawing team shape to Fluid. I saw the guys you have been using for Swansea at the heart of the defence and although I admit tactic was leaky, as I undelrined in my first post, those CBs would add to your team's demise - they are SLOOOOOOW. First thing I've done at my helm at Swansea, I sold that tandem and brought in pacey defenders with at least 14 at Acc and Pace.
  7. I am tweaking this and that too with the tactic. Will be dropping feedback with at least half another season.
  8. @Matt98 Thank you very much for your time. Yes, the tactic needs improvements although I definitely would not recommend switching to it in the middle of the season. @Cuper That's very weird. Can you post your usual eleven please? I am starting a Swansea game right now - I would not be surprised to see tactic stumbling here and there but definitely not making you relegation candidates.
  9. I lead the league and have qualified from Europa League groups as leaders. As always, Fenerbahçe, like Vitesse, is the top club in Tackles Won and Crosses Completed stats. Mentioning being the team with Most Goals scored would be blasphemy. Also, this time, in contradiction to my flight with Vitesse, Vincent Janssen, who is AF of the tactic is the Top Goalscorer and the one with Most Assists. It was Luc Castaignos (DLF) with Vitesse. Souza, who is primarily a defensive midfielder tops the Most Key Passes list in this game as well. I really wish somebody else would evaluate this t
  10. Ok, you want it, you got it. Here's my take of this tactic with a top club (Fenerbahçe of TSL).
  11. I only play underdogs. However tactic's fundamentals make me think it is more suitable for top clubs but this is just a thought. Would love to see it in practice for giants.
  12. Hey all, 1. Story Having watched, as a Turkish fan of Fenerbahçe, the misery of Beşiktaş against Bayern München with one man down getting tarnished, I instantly fell in love with attacking mentality of Bayern München there. Whenever somebody would arrive at byline, at least 5 options would call out for the ball in the box, effectively rendering any kind of defence useless - 5-0 was a score quite fortunate for Beşiktaş that terrible night, if you ask me. Therefore, hating 4-3-3 plague's guts that took over the football scene for more than a decade now, I wondered if I could emul
  13. Well, the thing is, with Very Fluid, I get what I see in real life matches - A winger chasing a man in our first third with players making better backups in case the defender in front fails to deliver the tackle. I have switched the Duties of Wingers with Full Backs now which gets me more men in the midfield defensively as well as offering a second route of attack other than overlapping flankers. They watch out for chances of through balls now too.
  14. Hey guys, I am playing a 4-4-2 (Attacking, Very Fluid) with a Normal defensive line and width, Higher Tempo and Close Down Much More, Run At Defence, Exploit Flanks, Look For Underlap. The roles and duties are: GK (Def) FB (Su) DefDC (Def) DefDC (Def) FB (Su) W.Mid (Att) CM (Su) CM (Su) W.Mid (Att) AF (Att) DLF (Su) I have Vitesse from Eredivisie and play in Europa League which got me facing Liverpool. The first match was about to be a huge success, but did not, as they came back tracking from 4 - 6 to beating me 8 - 6 th
  15. Started so UNpromising with Vitesse in Eredivisie - quanhanh's tweaks - I am now 4 games into Eredivisie with 4 wins and sent Real Sociedad back to their hometown after a 2-0 at my own turf - awesome start both at domestic and continental level. Awesome job, guys.
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