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  1. Hi, think there's a problem with the newest update. I tried playing as Man Utd and there's never a request to register a squad for the Europa League. Then when it gets to the first game all the players are just unregistered and can't be selected.
  2. Hi, thanks for the update, really well done. I've had a bit of trouble trying to use the current combined file. Every time my game gets to about the first week in November, the game crashes. It might be my game, but I think it's the update.
  3. Hi, not sure if the same has happened with anyone else. I skipped to the 2012/13 season, but none of the fixtures renewed. So am now at 12th September 2012, haven't played a league game yet and none are scheduled.
  4. Only deal in "General Finances" is a kit sponsorship deal.
  5. I'm not actually sure. Where would it be displayed if I did have one?
  6. Hi, I got promoted as San Marino and am struggling financially. I've made it to January in my first season, but I just noticed that I've only received £29k in TV money so far. Does Serie A TV money come at the end of the season or is it a bug? Thanks Ben
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