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  1. http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/dell-dimension-4550-pentium/4507-3118_7-20478986.html?tag=mncol;psum i was just wondering whether the game will work for me? i know my PC is old but usually the games work fine for me! If the PC isn't up to spec, any info on what to do would be helpful. thanks
  2. comu- your name is on the bottom of the second screenshot
  3. how come I wasn't one of those players that could help out Canvey?
  4. Blurgh

    Xbox 360 Fifa 09 Thread

    i lost 3-2 in a match where i had 27 shots on goal
  5. Just wondering which team you manage?
  6. Blurgh

    XBOX 360 Thread - 3rd Edition

    my bloody xbox live aint working it should run out by 27th nov but it wont connect. any help
  7. Blurgh

    XBOX 360 Thread - 3rd Edition

    thxs very much
  8. Blurgh

    XBOX 360 Thread - 3rd Edition

    is xbox live down atm?? cant get on and cant remember getting a message
  9. didnt deserve to get fired but oh well- good luck to the rest of you and a great sign up canvey
  10. can't believe that we lost also sent my email (thup)
  11. why did paul get banned?
  12. can i ask what fixtures are being played in the 4th round? hope chelsea dont have anyone hard