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  1. I would shoot the board before I shoot the manager. And it would be such a farce if Way wins the World Cup with England. And kipfizh is back! Hooray!
  2. I stopped reading at this point because I doubt much more of value will appear in this thread. It'll just be repeats of what's already been said. First of all I'll like to thank shevelevee for starting the thread for starting the thread, and all the major contributers, especially wwfan. Like many other posters I find the posts to be very enlightening, especially about how the arrows REALLY worked and why they were removed. Now I'm eagerly anticipating the demo to see for myself how the match engine has been improved. I agree that, if possible, the manual should include an extensive section about the removal of arrows from the game, it will be very informative for all players of the game in the same way that this thread has been very informative. I quoted Neb's post because I think he's explained my reason for wanting arrows back in some form in the game. Arrows can be a very good way for people who do not want to spend time understanding and tweaking the sliders to still tweak their formation effectively. Indeed it means that people can pick up and play the game without any clear knowledge of what the arrows do, or even about the intricacies of football tactics. That makes the game more accessible to beginner and casual gamers. It makes for a nicer learning curve too, seeing rows of slider for the first time can be a very daunting affair. So I'll appreciate it if SI can spend some time looking into bringing the arrows back as a quick and easy way of understanding and tweaking the sliders.
  3. I think it's obvious that real life is demanding all of kipfizh attention right now. But he's kept this up for so long and I don't think he is one to let things go without a proper conclusion. So I expect at least one final post from him, if only to tell us that this is the end of the experiment. Let's just wait patiently and get on with the rest of our lives in the meantime. I only hope that he is healthy and well!
  4. Since I managed to read the entire thread from start to end, I figured I should at least say something about it. The original poster started with a well written post and made a very good point. Subsequently however the quality of his posts dropped badly and he lost quite a lot of his credibility and my respect. Instead wwfan won my respect for his clear explanations that clarified the issue, and for patiently replying even to posts that were obstinate, offensive or just plain nonsense. Let me summarise what I feel are the main points of the post. Hopefully I can then save people from going through all 418 previous posts. 1. Arrows are no longer available in the tactics screen in FM09. 2. Arrows have been badly misunderstood by many players. What they do is force your players to go to another position when the team has possession. They might be a reason why the match engine does not seem realistic (20 shots on target and no goals) and also why some of us find the individual instructions hard to understand (because they interact badly with the arrows). 3. There will be improvements to the tactical interface in FM09 to make up, somewhat, for the loss of expressivity from the removed arrows. HOWEVER 4. Arrows are a convenient and easily understood way of giving simple tactical instructions. 5. Arrows will appeal to casual and beginner players who have no knowledge of tactics or the patience to fiddle with them. 6. Arrows are also useful for giving more specific instructions and designing more detailed tactics and set pieces. At any rate, I think that screaming WE WANT OUR ARROWS BACK will not achieve any effect, since the developers have already decided that we're better off without them. Why not instead focus the discussion on how we think arrows can be introduced back into the game? If we can come up with something that looks like it can work well, the developers will definitely consider it. So we should try to come up with answers to these questions: a) What will the arrows control? b) How will they interact with the individual instructions? Which will take priority? My idea is to have forward run arrows that mirror the sliders in individual instructions. In this way they provide a more intuitive interface for beginners and casual gamers without causing any conflicts. What I mean is to have forward arrows for each player. The length of the forward arrow is directly related to the forward runs slider. The longer the arrow, the further the slider shifts, and vice versa. The angle of the arrow can also be tied to a new slider that controls how wide/narrow the player plays. My idea doesn't solve some of the issues that have been brought up, so please feel free to comment and contribute. But I hope such an approach to the issue will be more likely to bring some response and action from the developers.
  5. I enjoyed getting this! "Since his arrival at Stadion Lohmuhle, one thing that new VfB Lubeck manager XXXX XXXX cannot be accused of is failing to tell his players how to find the net. Lubeck have delighted their fans by smashing a mighty twenty-eight goals past their opposition in just fifteen matches, notching up eight wins in the process."