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  1. I know it is the 21st century and all, but the new openness about sexual preferences of my coaching staff is a little unexpected:
  2. Voy-chekh (not really, but English does not have the sound represented by ch here; it's ch-like but softer) Shche-sny (again, not really , but English does not have the sound represented by e here; it's an e with a nasal sound to it)
  3. My feeling is this is not true. Are there any other loans with repayment date coming up? Any contractual obligations? Maybe you made a mistake giving one of the new signings a huge transfer fee or something. Technically this loan should be repaid the moment you have enough money in your account to afford the repayment.
  4. Well, that's talk of the future. You asked why I thought Bosnia would be preferred over Cyprus, so here's your answer. Bosnia produces better players and therefore fits better in the "global picture" of the FM football world.
  5. Bosnia have much more footballing talent than Cyprus. And I'm not sure about the home-grown strength of Cypriot clubs - in Anorthosis you have 9 Cypriot players and 17 foreigners; only Nikolau and Constantinou started against Panathinaikos last week; in APOEL there are 14 Cypriot players and 15 foreigners; and only Christou, Charalampidis and Michail started against Schalke in their last UEFA game. This strongly suggests Cypriot club success heavily relies on foreign players.
  6. For your average FM player the thrill of managing Gudjohnsen will be much higher than the thrill of managing Konstantinou. Whereas those who like managing in lesser-known European leagues constitute a small minority. Further, I'd assume that - should the decision to add more leagues be made - Bosnia will take precedence over Cyprus.
  7. I see one major problem with Cypriot football which could be used as an argument against the addition of this league to FM X - there are very few Cypriot players that are recognisable outside their own country (and possibly Greece), as opposed to, for example, Iceland. The Cypriot national team has been getting great results recently, but only three players are based outside Cyprus. Therefore, the international attraction of this league is relatively low.
  8. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Pronunciation_of_names_of_soccer_players_from_the_Netherlands Useful link
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