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  1. I go for a fluid attacking 4-4-2 with more creative freedom Defenders score too many for me from corners, not game breaking like 20 goals a season, but Evans, Vidic, Rio all have like 6 each Strikers are also too good. Chicharito has more goals than starts, I think 25 goals in 23 starts so far, Rooney has 30, Berba has 25 and Rossi has 6 in 5 games so far
  2. Are you guys getting a lot of huge scorelines on 11.3? I've gotten already in the first season an 8-0, a few 7-0s, a few 7-1s, plenty of 6-0 and 5-0. Also lots of 4-3s and so on
  3. lancer1

    Yellow and red cards

    Rafael da Silva is guaranteed a yellow card every time he plays for me. Very annoying, I know he's an aggresive player irl but cards should not be this frequent
  4. The only thing I fear is a lack of English/British players. I'm trying to think of good youngsters but I can;t Chelsea signed Wickham and Cairney in my game
  5. omg.. I just went transfer crazy Took me a whole month to sign Rossi thanks to a bug i think, but he finally accepted on deadline day. Then I bought a lot more players in the same day. Deadline day is excellent because the players/clubs don't take a ridiculous amount of time to respond and I find more likely to accept your bids.. Okay here they are: Rossi: 26m Hazard: 15.25m Lituthanian keeper from Rubin: 6m Hummels: 12.5m and Labyad, a young Morroccan MC from PSV, looks like a great prospect for 3m The Lit. keeper was brought in as backup based on scouts recommendation... I just made a bid without even looking at him.. Turned out my scouts were wrong and he looks pretty crap. Oh well, better than Kusz and Lindegaard I think. :o Rossi has been sensational for me so far. Well worth all the struggle to sign him
  6. lancer1

    This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    This has happened to me on every patch on FM11. The most annoying bug in the game, and it has ruined my current save. I have spent the whole window trying to sign Rossi while City, Chelsea, and other teams are strengthening with multiple signings
  7. I have a 25.5m bid for G. Rossi accepted by Villarreal. I offer him a contract for 110k per week, and his agent is happy. Over a week later Rossi REJECTS my contract saying I offered too little!!! I check on my transfer centre and it says I've only offered him 33k per week !!! I make another bid, this time his agent wants 130k per week. Fine, actually, I will offer 150k per week. About 2 WEEKS later Rossi comes back and rejects it again saying I offered too little. I check my transfer centre and again it says I've offered 33k... WHAT IS GOING ON?
  8. OK I can't resist signing Hazard. :o Can he play as a MC in a 4-4-2 or is he a winger only?
  9. First rough patch I've encoutered.. Lost 4-1 at Arsenal then 2-0 at Man City. Bounced back with a 3-0 over Liverpool though, then another 3-0 vs Wolves but finally dropped points at home to Everton, 0-0. January 11 and my board increased my budget to 60m!! Decided I want a striker instead of a ML so I'm trying to bring Rossi home for around 25m. First target was Neymar but my scouts say Santos won't listen to any offers so I won't even try
  10. Nani wants a new challenge, and me trying to convince him otherwise made things worse and now he won't talk to me Should I sell him or will he become happy again eventually?
  11. I guess I don't really need a winger:o Maybe a new striker. THinking about Lukaku but I signed him last time too! This new patch feels way too easier though, kinda boring. I'm steamrollering past every team. Already 12 points clear with 17 games played :o
  12. I bought Hazard in my save on 11.2, I don't like signing the same players every time
  13. Yay Got 16m extra transfer funds in Nov. of the first season. Need a Giggs replacement.. Who shall I sign? I've already brought in Elia and Coentrao but I'm looking for a proper left winger (Elia is right-footed,) and I view Coentrao as primarily a DL.
  14. lancer1

    FM11: Jack Wilshere

    Anyone else a bit disappointed with how Wilshere is rated on FM? Not even going into his potential or CA, but his attributes are not that accurate. His positions aren't either. I'd say he's a natural MC, with accomplished DMC and AMC. No wide positions.
  15. Does Bebe actually turn out a decent player in this? Obertan?