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  1. Having the same problem. Have tried creating a new folder . Its happening everytime I try and attend a meeting to meet the assistant manager. Very frustrating . Please advise
  2. Just wondered where Mario Balotelli was in your game. FM often reflects on real life. He is loaned to Arsenal from Mac City in the year 2015 on mine. T
  3. Monsy, Me again. Sorted the Facepack last year but having problems again this year I downloaded and unzipped in the right place but when I play the Beta game im only getting the Face pics which are pre loaded. All others are blank. I am following all the instructions and not quite sure where im going wrong. Any ideas. Im using Mac 10.6.8 Still love you x
  4. Hello Mons. Its that time of the year again. Last year you helped a lifetime fan install face-packs for the first time and it made my experience of the game very enjoyable. Its 2013 now. How do I transfer my 4.0 pack into the new game and how do I download the updates???? A step by step would help. Love you xxxxx
  5. SUCCESS !!!! Would just like to let you all know that after years and years of trying to download face-packs and install them successfully i have finally done it.......... Would like to thank all the people who have answered my sometimes silly questions regarding Face-packs. Im so proud of myself that i did not give up. It makes the game so much better. Special thanks to MoNS Tyrone
  6. One more question Mons. How do I extract the file using Unarchiver. i have a week off work and Im dedicating it to get these facepacks up and running. x
  7. Hello everyone. I am trying to download the Facepacks for the first time on my Mac. Do i need to download every pack (20 on Easyshare) before i extract the files. I would really appreciate if somebody could talk me through what I have to do as I have been trying for years and never managed to install Facepacks. Also on my Mac do I need to use 'unarchiver' if so what do i do with it. Come on guys please help a desperate man out.
  8. Mons I have downloaded the complete pack and can not unzip with the unarchiver or zipeg. Is the file im downloading too big ? Do i need to download in parts?
  9. Please help. Im a MAc user and desperate to get the Facepacks working fir the first time. I have downloaded a file and have a zip file on my desktop. Only problem is every programme i try and extract them with it says error. I get this message when using unarchiver..... 'The contents of the file "cut_out_faces_2011_v13_complete.zip" can bot be extracted with this program. Someone please take the time to help me out.
  10. every year i try and install face-packs and every year i fail. Please someone make my dream come true lol A complete guide of how to install would help xx
  11. Somebody please give me a complete guide to download and installing facepacks on my Mac OSX. Please
  12. ive been wondering this too. where do i find the sound packs
  13. A wierd fetish of mine is to make a list of all players i win trophies with. Exactly same as the Managers win list (Cups and Leagues. I would like this feature to be added so you could see who the most successful players were. Would be interesting to see ??
  14. Please someone tell me if this works for MAC users. Im running Leopard Snow????
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