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  1. I installed 9.3 patch, I use only the default skin, I deleted cache and reloaded skin, but when I go "Options -> Game Status" the page is blank... Bug???
  2. Funny Screenshots Thread

    hey pal! Where did you get new comp logos?
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I don't know about Berbatov (are you sure it's himself and not Ivan Berbatov?) but Frank's Lampard favorite Frank Lampard IS NOT himself
  4. The question is how on earth it's been shown 3mins of injury time from the 83rd minute ?????
  5. You need to have e whole amount thus 9.75 + 45 + 30 but when you pay you will pay the day the deal is closed 9.75 + 22.5 .
  6. Black Marko Vejinovic !!!

    You mean he's white in your game? Plus it's not likely coz I've got the same problem on 2 different pc's!
  7. AI Team rebuilding....??

    One team I can always remember successfully re-building the squad was AC Milan, with a bunch of talented youngsters. So they did in my 3rd season of fm09 v.9.1. (now I'm in 1st season of 9.2)
  8. Black Marko Vejinovic !!!

    nothing in the editor
  9. Hi all! Just realized that Marko Vejinovic (AZ youngster) looks like he is black in the 3d match !! :confused: Anybody knows how to fix this? (Probably not, but I just ask...) cheers
  10. The image with Che indicates that FM09 will be "a revolution" of the game... I just hope that the engine of the match will look to something like it is now and not to something "so revolutionary" like you could move the players or something.... Time will so but I have faith in SI. I'm sure you guys will give us a game "as good as ever", "A GAME REVOLUTION"! Miles could give us a hint of when the game is going to be released? (Which month maybe...)... and IF you could tell me whether the cut-out faces will remain in FM09 coz I'm a pack creator and I don't want to be disappointed if I start creating packs for the new season for nothing.... Thanks and KUTGW
  11. I agree that the transfers system needs improvement. (more realistic prices, wages etc and the "doesn't want to join your club in the near future" thing should be used more "wisely"..). An other thing I believe it needs "fixing" has to do with the match engine. Short forwards with poor jumping and heading attributes shouldn't win headers repeatedly from taller centre backs with better attributes in those categories... Plus the "corner trick" should be removed too, I mean become less often... Something a bit off-topic but does anybody know whether the cut-out style of faces will continue in FM09? Thanks a lot, Cheers