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  1. Im about to embark in a 5-6 year (real time) journey to edit FM2020 al the way back to CM0102's glory. I'm thinking 15+ leagues, around 800 teams, 20,000 players. Question--doest anyone know any mass-editing tips that would help me with this? I haven't touched the editor in 4-5 years. Any ips to save time before I get tweaking and creating players would be amazing. Thank you!
  2. Question--can this e done with FM12? I got to the first division with Algeciras in Spain once (didnt win anything though) and want to try again.
  3. Chapter V - "Do what you do" The truth is, I have been in the spotlight before. I’ve given presentations about sports marketing, advertising and leadership, as well as motivation on the pitch, visualization and using your mind to win. I have been the guy in the room everyone is looking at. I’m not okay with it—like Mark Twain said, you’re either the type of person who gets nervous when they speak publicly, or you’re a liar. I am comfortable in my own skin, though. This was a whole different ballpark, though. The kinds of questions I have been getting this preseason have been…well, mo
  4. Chapter IV – Don't f**k this up for us. Jeff Fairchild is your stereotypical Texan folk. Very amiable, really good at making friends from the first time you meet him, and he always remembers your name and something about your life. He could be a lobbyist. He could have been a politician, really. But he ended up being in the sports industry. It was his benevolent appearance and demeanor that drew me in when I first met him. He knew my uncle from some oil business, and he knew I could be trusted. He pracitcally watched me grow up. That is how this whole thing started. The chit-c
  5. Understood Mark, thanks for the heads up and thanks for swinging by!
  6. The squad is decent, don't get me wrong. We have some quality players. We are a Premier League club, so that is to be expected, but with most predictions for the season counting us as dead last, 20 out of 20, it isn't really guaranteed. It's been two weeks of training sessions, and I am slowly getting to know who is going to start for me. We have several internationals, albeit some of them are not current internationals. Emile Heskey is the main one that comes to mind. I had seen him before playing with England, and he is just as strong and good in the air as on TV. Chris Kirkla
  7. Chapter II - I'm not an idiot I won’t lie—I am not a good guy. I’m also not a monster—I’ve never done something horrible and gotten away with it. I’m just saying that things happen, I do things I don’t feel proud of, but I still manage to sleep at night. I sleep rather well, actually. This is one of those things. The plan was a simple one, and I had been in on it since day one—these kinds of things often don’t work out unless you had all pieces together before it even starts. But we can talk about this some other time. My flight was rather quick—about eight hours total from
  8. Chapter I - Bittersweet “Now, listen—are you saying you can't do--” “I can do it, I'm just saying I have never done it.” “Have you ever made love to a woman six times in one night?” “No.” “Could you do it?” “Absolutely.” “That's a good lad. Tell the wife--more instructions will come.” ----------------------- And just like that, it all started. I really had no idea what in the world I was getting into, and I really, really don't think I still do. It's been a while since then, but I still remember my wife's stare as I told her the news. “Hold on—
  9. Right, so here we go again. After reloading a few times, I just went with Cacereño. It's the only one just promoted who had a decent amount of players in their squad. Of course, half of them are 18 and under, so they're not that good, but we do have the numbers and that apparently had to be enough. The catch for having a full squad? They ask me to finish 12th. The other catch? Four out of the 11 over 18 years old want to go to a bigger club. The third catch? The entire squad has a contract til next summer. Which means the best player will want to go to a bigger club and not renew their
  10. I got sacked from Castellon, we were one point below avoiding relegation with four matches to go but the board wasn't happy. I'll holiday two months and grab another recently promoted team. Oh well.
  11. C.D. Castellon SAD Background Information Facilities Manager Profile Squad 1 Squad 2 Best player So, I have tried this challenge before, with FM11 and 12, in both occasions with Zamora, as well as another stint with FM12 later on with Castellon. In all three instances I got to the first division, Zamora even getting me to the Europa League but litle else. I plan on making it to the Champions League this time around, at least. We'll see. Anyway, I really struggled to find a recently promoted Spanish club with enough players for a full squad, so I had to go with Castellon again.
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