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  1. Right, so here we go again. After reloading a few times, I just went with Cacereño. It's the only one just promoted who had a decent amount of players in their squad. Of course, half of them are 18 and under, so they're not that good, but we do have the numbers and that apparently had to be enough. The catch for having a full squad? They ask me to finish 12th. The other catch? Four out of the 11 over 18 years old want to go to a bigger club. The third catch? The entire squad has a contract til next summer. Which means the best player will want to go to a bigger club and not renew their contracts. Anyway, here we go. Info Info 2 Manager Squad
  2. I got sacked from Castellon, we were one point below avoiding relegation with four matches to go but the board wasn't happy. I'll holiday two months and grab another recently promoted team. Oh well.
  3. C.D. Castellon SAD Background Information Facilities Manager Profile Squad 1 Squad 2 Best player So, I have tried this challenge before, with FM11 and 12, in both occasions with Zamora, as well as another stint with FM12 later on with Castellon. In all three instances I got to the first division, Zamora even getting me to the Europa League but litle else. I plan on making it to the Champions League this time around, at least. We'll see. Anyway, I really struggled to find a recently promoted Spanish club with enough players for a full squad, so I had to go with Castellon again. As you can see we have plenty of players, and that'll ensure we have a big enough squad to at least not have to worry about injuries and such. Our best player Ruben Suarez, even though he is 37, has great skill and we hope he'll stay fit for year or two more. PS--I am from Vila-real and a huge Villarreal fan since I was 5, so that will make this challenge more, erm, interesting. My uncle did play for Castellon (and Villareal too) in the 70s so it's not like I hate Castellon anyway (our rivalry is more local than a hateful one). On we go! T24
  4. So weird to find another Oklahoman around here!!! Can't wait to try the update!
  5. Villarreal just went from Division 2 to finishing 6th in two years, yet the Bruno, Asenjo, Mario (just played for Spain), Trigueros, Denis Suarez...we have an amazing team yet I'm sure Villarreal in FM16 will look just like Villarreal did in FM15. Oh well.
  6. As a take on FM15 and its subtleties and frustrating changes of pace through the season, I'm trying things with my hometown team--Villarreal FC. We have never won a title. We have never even gotten to a final. But we do play with a very attractive style of football, signing talented, young players to develop and sell for more money, or just to keep at the club and watch turn into superstars (like Bruno). My idea is to follow that trend and try to get some silverware to Vila-real! The squad is very decent, but we do need to address the fact that we have too many players who are not in my school of thoughts. Dos Santos (lack of teamwork completely disengaged at times), Uche (on its way down) and others need to leave space for younger, more talented and team-driven players. Players Out: - G. Dos Santos - to Liverpool for 11m - Uche - To Benfica for 1m Players In Due to not being able to find the right players, the Europa League rounds starting very soon and not wanting to wait until the last day to sign them, we went ahead with three loans: - Rafinha from Barcelona - Munir also from Barcelona - Kike Sola from Athletic Squad Season goals - Get past the group stages in the Europa League - Push for Top 6 in La Liga - Semifinals of the Copa del Rey - Score as many goals as possible