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  1. I use numbers before the players names. 2 for RB, 3 for LB, 5 for cover DC, 6 for stopper DC, 4 for DM, 7 for support CM, 8 for Def CM, 11 for Att CM, 10 for DLF, 9 for AF. Helps me remember my plans for developing them. Helps me line up different options for subs bench (have a 2 or 3, 5 or 6, 4 or 8, 7, 11, 9 and 10) Also use JPA and JPP after scouts and coaches names to know which opinions to trust more.
  2. I played the Super Cup against PSG with 12 players missing. Luckily they had that many missing too. Hardly a European showpiece!
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