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  1. I use numbers before the players names. 2 for RB, 3 for LB, 5 for cover DC, 6 for stopper DC, 4 for DM, 7 for support CM, 8 for Def CM, 11 for Att CM, 10 for DLF, 9 for AF. Helps me remember my plans for developing them. Helps me line up different options for subs bench (have a 2 or 3, 5 or 6, 4 or 8, 7, 11, 9 and 10) Also use JPA and JPP after scouts and coaches names to know which opinions to trust more.
  2. I played the Super Cup against PSG with 12 players missing. Luckily they had that many missing too. Hardly a European showpiece!
  3. Sounds like you've nailed being Arsenal manager then!
  4. Played my first game as manager of Llandudno. Lost 4-1. All 4 of the opposition goals were penalties. Hope that's not a sign of things to come!
  5. Go into Scouting Focus at the top. Select General then on the right is a series of drop downs. Age . Experienced, peak, young Player Style. Intelligent. Physical, Leader, Creative, Technical Goalkeeper style. Aggressive, distributor, shot stopper Availablitiy. All, now, typically. I'm currently scouting for Young, Intelligent and Typically available. Love the new system. Yes it's harder to find good young players compared to the old one. That's the whole point of it I'd guess. Its as important for your scouts to have a broad range of knowledge as it is to have JPA JPP now.
  6. Ok, I've the option to take an affiliate and I can have one where I can get youngsters of another Nationality. What difference does it make which Nationality I go for? I'm thinking Brazilian, Portugese and Spanish start higher technical, English higher physicals or something along those lines? Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks
  7. When I'm 2-0 up with 20 mins to go I switch my WB (A) to DFB (D) to solidify things at the back and kill the game off.
  8. Just wondering how the game works out my managers personality. It has me listed as Spineless (can't say I'm overly happy with that!) The player personality guide says Spineless Pre 1, Det 1-9, Pro 5-20, Spo 1-17 Does the manager personality come from the same place? If so, how?
  9. There is a drop down where you can select between News, Social or News and Social on that screen. I have it firmly set to news!
  10. I barely even bother to look at it now, I don't see it adding anything to the game at all. Like someone said, few positive things and few negative things about everything. If there was an option to switch it off I would.
  11. I use a flat 3 when the opposition have 1 up top. For this I use AP A, BWM S, BBM S. If they have 2 up top I drop the BWM back into the DM strata and change him to AM D. I'd guess 2 BWM would close down a bit too much and could leave you exposed a bit through the middle.
  12. No I'm more of a standard/structured and try and hit them somewhat on the break. I've not got good enough players to go out and control games against most Prem teams so I try and be solid at the back with the 3 CDs and the Anchor then get the ball to the pair of playmakers in the middle who both should have options ahead and out wide so I can stretch the opposition with pace on the flanks and up top.
  13. Success is hard to define. I've Oldham in the Prem after back to back promotions and we've survived there for 3 seasons. Considering we were massive favourites to go down each season then I'd say that's success. I've been happy with it, put it that way. There are still ways to improve, strikers could do better, wing backs cross completion could be higher. The AP in the middle is my main creator, he's a good dribbler and he often finds a pocket of space, gets turned and just wreaks havoc through the middle. He runs at the area between FB and DC and when one of them comes to close him down he lays off to the player that their guy has left behind (my WB if their FB engages or my AF if the DC comes).
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