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  1. James_W

    The awful music for the Euros Thread

    That Manics song is great
  2. James_W

    Republic of Ireland - Euro 2016 Thread

    Randolph. Took Shay's place when he got injured and has done nothing to lose it. Nor has Shay done enough to win it- could be an argument for Westwood I'm sure, but I like Randolph.
  3. James_W

    Republic of Ireland - Euro 2016 Thread

    Very tough group again, but with Ireland you just never know. Could sneak through.
  4. update out, not sure if anyone should be due an upgrade other than Griffiths, don't have the game myself yet but how's he looking? Also wondering if Roberts is good enough to start, and is the Ajer transfer in?
  5. James_W

    Cahill v James

    I'd echo this, I'd say it's probably 'easier', and I use the word lightly, to chest a ball into a volley than catch one perfectly over the shoulder on your weaker foot. The way Rodriguez controlled and turned in one movement was incredible, and both are unbelievable goals, but I would give it to Timmy C.
  6. James_W

    Reckless Tackles during Friendlies

    Players always want to impress and to be seen as making the greatest effort possible, especially when they are not guaranteed a place in the team.
  7. James_W

    The Official England World Cup Thread

    Not picking Flanagan was a mistake, looked so assured and positive going forward when he came on. No idea what has happened to Smalling, he has got so bad.
  8. Not a popular view amongst Irish people, but I would like to see England do well. I watch the Premiership more than any other league and I like a lot of the players as a result, and I never really got the whole anti-England/Britain thing in a sporting sense. Preferably them doing well with Hart getting injured and Forster in goal
  9. Haha, your new keeper Jack Duffin was in my year in school. Enjoying the read., keep it up.
  10. I managed to get Wanyama for £12m up front from Chelsea in the first window, with Kayal and Ledley already top class centre mids the money seemed too good to turn down.
  11. James_W

    Your team and player of the tournament?

    Casillas Lahm Ramos Bonucci Alba Pirlo Moutinho Xavi Ronaldo Iniesta (POTT) Balotelli
  12. James_W

    Most Impressive Players So Far?

    'Gorgeous' George Samaras.
  13. I was thinking this myself today, quite strange over so many games. Ireland should have had one against Croatia, but it probably wouldnt have made much difference anyway.
  14. Pretty sure I can't having read this but just to be sure, it's March and I see Hamit Altintop available on a free. I have 25 players registered already, if I sign him, can I unregister one player and register him in their place? Cheers.
  15. Rens van Eijden from NEC did well for me at centre back in the first season, £1.5m he cost.