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  1. I didn't realise it was contentious until the pundits were talking at full time, I thought his hand went down towards the ball and thus it's a penalty. I didn't realise however that the ball came off the French head in front of him which changed the flight of the ball slightly, I can see why people would say no. I voted yes, but for me, even after looking at it many times, I don't have a definitive answer as to whether it was the right call or not. It's a tough job.
  2. Watched the whole game on ITV in my mates house, then at the end someone asked why we didn't watch it on BBC. Didn't even consider what channel we were watching it on, I would always choose BBC due to no ads, and I like Lineker a lot.
  3. He must be dressed in the Burberry gear as a fancy dress, a 'chav' themed night or something, he doesn't sound like a chav at all and I don't think anyone would dress like that seriously. Maybe I'm generalising too much, but he should get out of Russia asap, stupid boy. The fine seems very lenient. Fair play to the England fans who tried to clean it off, even if it did leave a smear.
  4. Neymar was a joy to watch... in injury time.
  5. Randolph. Took Shay's place when he got injured and has done nothing to lose it. Nor has Shay done enough to win it- could be an argument for Westwood I'm sure, but I like Randolph.
  6. Very tough group again, but with Ireland you just never know. Could sneak through.
  7. update out, not sure if anyone should be due an upgrade other than Griffiths, don't have the game myself yet but how's he looking? Also wondering if Roberts is good enough to start, and is the Ajer transfer in?
  8. I'd echo this, I'd say it's probably 'easier', and I use the word lightly, to chest a ball into a volley than catch one perfectly over the shoulder on your weaker foot. The way Rodriguez controlled and turned in one movement was incredible, and both are unbelievable goals, but I would give it to Timmy C.
  9. Players always want to impress and to be seen as making the greatest effort possible, especially when they are not guaranteed a place in the team.
  10. Not picking Flanagan was a mistake, looked so assured and positive going forward when he came on. No idea what has happened to Smalling, he has got so bad.
  11. Not a popular view amongst Irish people, but I would like to see England do well. I watch the Premiership more than any other league and I like a lot of the players as a result, and I never really got the whole anti-England/Britain thing in a sporting sense. Preferably them doing well with Hart getting injured and Forster in goal
  12. Haha, your new keeper Jack Duffin was in my year in school. Enjoying the read., keep it up.
  13. I managed to get Wanyama for £12m up front from Chelsea in the first window, with Kayal and Ledley already top class centre mids the money seemed too good to turn down.
  14. Haha, I can't believe he managed to do it again. Awesome result.
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