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  1. Hi, I started this full save the way I like it: unemployed, with no qualifications and only the sunday league footballer experience and then we see what comes. I moved to the Chinese first division, to Chengdu, after some unsuccessful spells in the conference north. With Chengdu I achieved promotion to the Chinese Super League and the save halts in the middle of my second season there (2022). Good to know: FM Version is During the past season I have added and removed some leagues (removed: conference n/s, portuguese 3rd division, added French & Russian leagues). I have deleted my preferences, verified my game through Steam, updated my graphics drivers and changed the rendering method without any luck. The game always crashes at the 1st of July, right after continuing the save. Trying to holiday past this date hasn't worked out for me. I have uploaded my save + crashdump on your FTP. The filenames are: FM15CareerLLM.fm FM 2015 v15.2.1.585343 (2014.12.28 11.44.48).dmp Hope we can get this sorted out so we can continue my journey!
  2. Dammit, you're so much better than me! Started my own journeyman (unemp/ sunday league rep) as well and got picked up by Santo Andre as well. Came in halfway the season. First season failed to get promotion by 1 point, which was extremely frustrating. Then finishing 11th in the State Championships, which was reasonable, including a very nice 1-1 draw away at Santos. Currently playing the playoffs of the Serie C and with 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss on the edge of getting sacked, since the board wants me to pick up the title Guess I'll have to look for another challenge! Here's my final squad: GK: Juan Ojeda DL: Andre Luiz (Love him!) CB: Jonas CB: Luccas Claro DR: Alemao DM: Baraka DM: Walker AML: Hirochi AMC: Ricardo Goulart AMR: Elias Oliveira ST: Leo Itaperuna Subs f.e.: Rivaldo (the legend!!), Mika, Nilson, Renato, Everton Heleno
  3. Same for me. Busy with switching places, but random seems ok for me too
  4. Freedom fighters? Liberty City for me!
  5. Club Name: United Tailai Football Squad Six Letter Name: UTFS (*grin*) Stadium Name: Estadio Colosseum Choices: Plain, Striped, Halves, Quarters, Checks Colour: Dark Red, Dark Green Home Kit Style: Checks (Red - Green) Away Kit Style: Checks (Green - Red) League: Premier Chairman Name: Sheikh Mansour Al-Faraj
  6. FC Manchester; A work in progress.

    Alright, lets get cracking
  7. FC Manchester; A work in progress.

    First Name:Stefan Last Name:Eagleson DOB: 21 April Nationality(S): Dutch Favourite Club: Portsmouth Favoured personel (3 per player): Kanu, Luis Suarez (Ajax), Arjen Robben Footedness: Right Position: AMR (Accomplished FC) Stats: Mental: 80 points. Aggression: 1 Anticipation: 11 Bravery: 2 Composure: 14 Concentration: 4 Creativity: 10 Decisions: 5 Determination: 5 Flair: 10 Influence: 3 Off the ball: 3 Positioning: 6 Team work: 3 Work rate: 3 Technical: (80 Points) Corners: 1 Crossing: 2 Dribbling: 10 Finishing: 11 First touch: 3 Free kick taking: 11 Heading: 1 Long shots: 11 Long throws: 1 Marking: 6 Passing: 11 Penalty Taking: 1 Tackling: 3 Technique: 7 Physical: (60 Points) Acceleration: 20 Agility:5 Balance: 3 Jumping:3 Natural Fitness: 6 Pace: 12 Stamina: 9 Strength: 2
  8. [FM10] Journeyman Career Game

    Started my own journeyman in FM10. Loaded all the English, Italian, Spanish and Dutch leagues. Started off with sunday league footballer rep and unemployed. Got hired in October by Gainsborough and made them champs. Managed to stay clear of relegation the next year by finishing 19th. The wage budget kept decreasing rapidly thanks to a financial crisis. Despite finishing 8th the next season, I gave the board an ultimatum: either increase the wage budget or sack me. This thanks to a new decrease in wage budget (down to 3k/week) and higher board expectations: not workable for me. They chose to sack me. After some 100 days of applying I found out that my reputation had hardly increased, so I decided to sign when Blyth Spartans offered me a job. Back to the BSN with a slighter healthier financial status and reputation. Managed to finish 3rd in my first season but got knocked out in the playoffs. So far it's not looking so good for me. Season Team Country League League Finish Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Started unemployed 2009/10 Gainsborough England Blue Square North 1st Champions (took over in October) 2010/11 Gainsborough England Blue Square Premier 19th 2011/12 Gainsborough England Blue Square Premier 8th FA Trophy runners op 2012/13 Blyth England Blue Square North 3rd Lost in playoffs semi-final
  9. CM3 (unpatched) - Trinidad & Tobago ST Peter Prospar
  10. Well I've seen alot of successes with Pompey in this thread and I"m pleased to announce that I can add one of my own now: http://img205.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pompeyec1oa9.png http://img205.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pompeyec2vm3.png Winning the UEFA Cup with Pompey is one of my biggest achievements I think. Managed to beat AC Milan and Barcelona along the way. Season 2011/2012 update Apart from that I had a rather colorless season. Managed to reach the final of the FA Cup but got hamered there by Man Utd and finished only 8th in the premier league. We had a bad start, a great run in mid season and a terrible finish. I don't know if my team is progressing or not. Some stats then: Season: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Premier League: 14th - 11th - 6th - 8th FA Cup: Final - 5th round - 5th round - Final League Cup: QF - SF - QF - 4th round UEFA Cup: 2nd KO - N/A - N/A - Winners Top goalscorer: Defoe (35) - Crouch (23) - Crouch (19) - Crouch (19) League scorer: Defoe (18) - Defoe (18) - Crouch (18) - Crouch (11) Top assister: Diarra (18) - Maduro (12) - Diarra (14) - Diarra (15) Highest AvRat: Diarra (7.25) - Diarra (7.34) - Diarra (7.34) - Wijnaldum (7.28) Most MoM: Defoe (8) - Defoe (5) - Crouch (5) - Mata (7) Major Transfers in: Kompany (Man City) - 3.7M Onuoha (Man City) - 3.4M Progrebnyak (Man City) - 7.5M - Wintertransfer and my best signing for my strikeforce so far. Nearly scoring a goal a game in every competition and I'd really recommend him. You can make a 'twin tower' force up front if you pair him with Crouch but he works equally well with a pacey striker (Sturridge, Defoe) as well. Major Transfers out: Radoi (Liverpool) - 3M Pennant (West Brom) - 3.5M Defoe (Bolton) - 3.3M Acquafresca (Lazio) - 4.4M Best XI over all the seasons: GK Akinfeev DL Boka DC Cacares DC Taylor DR Diogo MC Diarra MC Haruna AML Mata AMR Acosta ST Crouch ST Defoe Subs: Leo Franco Wijnaldum Hyland Kompany Utaka Jankulovski Sturridge I fear I might lose Taylor as he doesn't want to extend his contract and has personal problems. So already looking out for a good CB to replace him.
  11. Pavel Pogrebnyak

    Lovely player. Signed him halfway season 4 (at the age of 29 iirc) in my Portsmouth save for 7.5M from Man City. Loves to power them in with his feet and wins nearly every header. Makes a perfect couple (twin towers) with Peter Crouch and works well with a pacey striker (Sturridge / Defoe) as well. Get him.
  12. Hyland has been good for me, as 3rd central back behind Cacares and S. Taylor. His skills are just below those 2, but he racked up around 40-50 apps in 4 seasons for me now. His value is above 4M for me and the interest of AC Milan and Valencia might tell us that he has alot of potential.
  13. Big plus for me is that when I made Lassana the captain he also added Portsmouth as his favorite club and me as has favorite staff, making it easier for me to keep him. Sneaky huh?
  14. Thanks. Yeah, I scouted Sneijder and he was said to be a good prospect. He also only made a handful appearances for me. He's excellent in all the technical attributes but lacks pace and defensive skills. He seems more a winger than a midfielder to me. I would easily give him the task of taking the corners and free kicks, but apart from that I don't really want him on my central midfield. Especially since I play with wingers, I want my 2 central midfielders to have quite some defensive skills. So I'm not sure about him yet, I might train him to become an AMR (like Bazarite, but he already was decent on AMR, although primarily AMC), but I don't know if it's worth it with his lack of pace. Conclusion: I haven't really decided on him yet. Haruna is indeed rapidly increasing in skills. My scouts actually said that he would be better than Diarra, which seems nearly impossible. Since Diarra and Kompany (or Maduro the season before) collected quite a few cards and injuries, he has already played in about 30-40 games in the 3 seasons for me. I still rate Kompany higher than him at the moment, but he's only 20 and already really close to Kompany. He seems to have exactly the same profile as Diarra and thats why I bought him. I was afraid that Diarra wouldn't extend his contract since so many big clubs wanted him, but he extended it at the last moment. I don't want to sell Haruna as well, he'll be my leading central midfielder in 2-3 seasons for sure.
  15. Hey Pompey-friends, I got my game fired up now and I'm in the 2010-2011 season. Here's a recap of the transfers that I've made to give you an indication of whats possible: Season 1 in: Jankulovski (AC Milan - Loan), Emerson (AC Milan - Loan), Wijnaldum (Feyenoord - 2.8M), Bagnall (Sunderland - 140k), Rossi (Juventus - 3.2M), Taylor (Newcastle - 7M), Acosta (Sevilla - Loan), Cáceres (Barcelona 10.75M), Marcellis (PSV - 5.25M) Out: Traore (Reading - 1.5M), Pamarot (Wigan - 1.7M), Wilson (Birmingham - 850k), Distin - really wanted to leave badly (Lyon - 6.5M), Mvuemba (Marseille - 4.8M), Kranjcar - too good to refuse for me personally (Aston Villa - 15M), Davis (Sunderland - 1.5M), Thomas (Sheff Wed - Loan), Hughes (Fulham - 775k), Nugent (Cardiff - Loan), Reynolds (Sheff Utd - 500k), Kilbey (Derby - 750k), Hreidarsson (Everton - 140k, wintertransfer), Kaboul (Kobenhavn - Loan), Johnson (Aston Villa - 9M) Season 2 in: Sneijder - the brother of.. (Ajax - 1M), Hakala - regen GK (FC Lahti - free), D'Alessandro - regen AMC (Free), Leonardo (Ajax - free), Malone - regen MR (MK Dons - 250k), Bajner (Liberty S. - 220k), Leo Franco (At. Madrid - free), Tejera (Chelsea - free), Dervite (Tottenham - free), Sturridge (Free), Maduro (Valencia - Loan), Mata (Valencia - 5M), Acosta (Sevilla - 5.25M), Jo (Man City - free), Boka (Stuttgart - 8.75M), Diogo (Zaragoza - 3.2M), Haruna (Monaco - 3.2M) Out: Tejera (Hull - Loan), D'Alessandro (Ipswich - Loan), Malone (Hull - Loan), Bajner (Walsall - Loan), Collins (Free), Thomas (Free), Campbell (Free), Little (Free), Primus (Free), Duffy (Free), Stewart (Free), Christophe (Free), Ward (Free), Nugent (Middlesbrough - 2.4M), Ashdown (Reading - 1.3M), Kaboul (Galatasaray - 3M), Lauren (Bolton - 650k), Utaka (Tottenham - 9M), Bagnall (Norwich - Loan), Cranie (Wigan - 1.2M), Bajner (Preston - Loan), Marcellis (Newcastle - 12.5M) Season 3 in (quite some Dutch youth scouting with me being a Dutch manager): van der Laan - regen GK (De Graafschap - 500k), de Graaf - regen DRL (Telstar - 275k), Bojang - regen ST (AIK - free), Elzinga - regen DL (Helmond Sport - 250k), Koswal - regen DR (Dordrecht - 230k), Maciuca - regen DC (Dinamo Buc. - free), Lambert - regen MC (Luton - 190k), Radoi (Man City - free), di Maria (Benfica - 10M), van Haaren (Free), Tozer (Newcastle - 1.3M), Worrall (West Brom - free), Stevens - regen MC (Aston Villa - 3M), Acquafresca (Inter - 2.7M), Pennant (Liverpool - 4.5M), Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow - 15M) Out: Mantyla (Free), Smith (Free), Pack (Free), Blackman (Free), Castles (Free), Gazet (Free), Woodford (Free), Diop (Espanyol - free), Kanu (Free), James (Free), Mutumbo (Free), Begovic (Sporting CP - 1M), Leonardo (Wolves - Loan), Rossi - AARGH, most frustrating part of my game so far, one of the best talents I've ever had in FM but the board felt the offer was too good (Inter - 15.5M), Bajner (Leeds - Loan), Price (Free), Mahoto (Wolves - Loan), van Haaren (Stoke - Loan), Ritchie (Tranmere - Loan), Hurst (Wolves - Loan), Koswall (MK Dons - Loan), Malone (Walsall - Loan), Nlundulu (Burnley - Loan), Hakala (Scunthorpe - Loan), D'Alessandro (Swindon - Loan), Bagnall (Bristol Rovers - Loan), de Graaf (Notts Co - Loan), Jo (Gremio - 3M), Acosta (Man City - 25M :O), Tejera (Sheff Utd - Loan), Koroma (Leeds - Loan), Ritchie (Darlington - 725k), van der Laan (Charlton - Loan) Season 4 then.. WIP: Teaudors (Sochaux - free), Barazite (Arsenal - free), Cala (Sevilla - 2.5M), Romano (Inter - free), Kompany (Man City - 3.7M), Onouha (Man City - 3.4M), Jensen - regen AMC (AaB - free), Koolhof - regen DC (NAC - 2M), Woolley - regen AML (Derby - 500k) Majors Out: Radoi (Liverpool - 3M) I've never used any scouting program or editor in order to build my team. I think I've made a few mistakes (Jo, Pennant to name 2) but all in all I'm pretty satisfied with this team. I made sure I have the best scouts available. Oh, and NEVER EVER sell Diarra, he's a true clublegend and my well respected captain. His skills are from another planet, totally insane. Also Finished 6th in season 3, enough for a Euro-ticket. This is what my current lineup looks like: GK: Akinfeev (Leo Franco) DR: Diogo (Onouha) DC: Taylor (Hyland, Cala, Tozer) DC: Cáceres (Hyland, Cala, Tozer) DL: Boka (Onouha, Tozer) MC: Diarra (Haruna, Stevens, Sneijder) MC: Kompany (Haruna, Stevens, Sneijder) AML: Mata (Di Maria) AMR: Wijnaldum (Barazite, Pennant) FC: Defoe (Acquafresca, Sturridge, Bojang) FC: Crouch (Acquafresca, Sturridge. Bojang)