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  1. Unlucky on the job Rancer it does seem you have done all you can do here in New Zealand. One of the main reasons you didnt get the job imo is because when you apologise you seem to almost be saying that you want to stay and dont want to move so its very rare you will get the job you applied for. In my journey man career i applied for and declared interest in a fair few jobs whilst at Gainsborough and i got away with quite alot without apologising.
  2. [FM11] dafuge on tour

    Any idea on where you want to go next? a different country or stay in England?
  3. [FM11] dafuge on tour

    I tried this but when you offer an apology its like saying you want to stay there and not want the other job. I declared an interest in the very insecure jobs that interested me and managed to get 1 of those as the manager there lost his next game and they sacked him and hired me, i was in charge of Gainsborough at the time and took a job in Northern Ireland. Hope this helps daf
  4. [FM11] Knockbreda F.C - The Greatest Show on Earth.

    Good Luck for the Cup final Nep its been an interesting read so far surely if you win the final better players would be interested in coming to you? would be interesting in the Europa League and all the money you could get from it could set u up for a while. KUTGW
  5. [FM11] Messi? Nah...

    haha the first series was awesome loved the Dinozords lol. back on topic im loving the career so far SnakeXe its making me want to try Italy once ive taken Dover as far as i can in my game. Good luck in Serie A!!
  6. What a wonderful read just read this from start to finish whilst playing my own FM Career on 11 not 10 as Dover trying to do something similar as you crouchie except im not as understanding and nice to former players as you brilliant career so far i hope i have as much enjoyment in mine as you clearly have in yours
  7. FM11 Career Thread

    Ive started a long term save with Dover Athletic with the aim of taking them as far as i possibly can, i have Italy, Spain, Northern Ireland,Ireland, England,Scotland down to the lowest level then France and Germany top 2, Holland, Australia, USA and Wales top division. The other leagues loaded are once ive taken Dover as far as i think i can then i can move around abit and test out the DLR as well as being able to win a league around the world except Africa which dosent interest me. Hope this will last a long time as i havent had a long term save since FM08
  8. Tesco Midnight Opening & Free Pizza Offer

    personally id prefer them in body bags and burning away nicely somewhere in a big pile not that bothered if their dead or alive when they get put in the body bags either!
  9. Tesco Midnight Opening & Free Pizza Offer

    Yeah were hardcore!!!! only proper prisoners in our prison, shame it cant be bombed and have done with the lot of them!!!
  10. Tesco Midnight Opening & Free Pizza Offer

    Yeah but there southern softies and will chase each other with handbags and bars of soap on a rope
  11. Tesco Midnight Opening & Free Pizza Offer

    Hahaha thats unfortunate but i think the prison in my town would kick the prison in your towns ass (only in yorkshire could you have this debate )
  12. Tesco Midnight Opening & Free Pizza Offer

    Yeah i was hoping the one in batley might make an effort but it hasnt, i cant decide between going to the 24 hour asda near pugneys |(i live in wakefield) or wait till the morning and go to the HMV in town and use the last of my HMv card credits :S And tbf you wouldnt have much of a car left if you left it in seacroft car park!!!
  13. Tesco Midnight Opening & Free Pizza Offer

    Wow someone near me for a change then again i suppose i dont help myself spending time on the spurs board with all these southern softies
  14. In all fairness that is a very good team that you have the defence is pacey and experienced, you midfield is the same and very good quality the only place you really need to improve is striker and maybe keeper? but that as a basis is a brilliant team. What sort of results are you getting? are you hammering said teams 3/4-0? or just edging them 1-0 85 minute goal?
  15. And yet if it was too hard youd be complaining aswell most probably............ Try playing the rest of the demo or season if you have the game and see what happens